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Description Date Docket #
UNITED STATES v. CONCEPCION August 31, 2009 Docket No. 08-3785-cr.
COALITION ON WEST VALLEY NUCLEAR WASTES v. CHU August 31, 2009 Docket No. 07-5243-cv.
BLIVEN v. HUNT August 28, 2009 Docket No. 07-1146-cv.
Richard L. BRODSKY, New York State Assemblyman, from the 92nd Assembly District in his official and individual capacities, Westchester Citizen's Awareness Network (WestCan), Rockland County Conservation Association, Inc. (RCCA), Public Health And Sustai.. August 27, 2009 Docket No. 08-1454-ag.
UNITED STATES v. MAIN August 27, 2009 Docket No. 08-4088-cr.
UNITED STATES v. RAY August 27, 2009 Docket No. 08-2795-cr.
KUHNE v. COHEN SLAMOWITZ LLP NCC August 27, 2009 Docket No. 08-1669-cv.
FORD v. 37 UNION LOCAL 1549 August 25, 2009 Docket No. 08-2317-cv.
SOUSA v. ROQUE August 21, 2009 Docket No. 07-1892-cv.
ARISTA RECORDS, LLC, formerly known as Arista Records, Inc., Bad Boy Records, BMG Music, doing business as the RCA Record Label and Zomba Recording LLC, formerly known as Zomba Recording Corporation, Plaintiffs-Appellants, Capitol Records, Inc., Virgin .. August 21, 2009 Docket No. 07-2576-cv.
KOEHLER v. BANK OF BERMUDA LIMITED August 20, 2009 Docket No. 05-2378-cv.
COOPER v. POSTAL SERVICE August 20, 2009 Docket Nos. 07-4825-cv (L), 07-4826-cv (Con).
UNITED STATES v. GAMEZ August 20, 2009 Docket No. 07-3660-cr(L).
NLRB v. Consolidated Bus Transit, Inc. August 20, 2009 08-0856
UNITED STATES v. PIZZONIA August 19, 2009 Docket No. 07-4314-cr.
UNITED STATES v. DHAFIR August 18, 2009 Nos. 05-5965-cr, 06-0949-cr.
UNITED STATES v. WARE August 18, 2009 Docket Nos. 07-5222-cr(L), 07-5670-cr.
UNITED STATES v. PARKER August 14, 2009 Docket No. 08-4199-cr.
ROTIMI v. HOLDER August 14, 2009 Docket No. 06-0202-ag.
SHOMO v. CITY OF NEW YORK August 13, 2009 Docket No. 07-1208-cv.
BROWN v. GREENE August 11, 2009 Docket No. 07-5383-pr.
917 v. NLRB August 11, 2009 07-2424
COUNTY OF NASSAU v. HOTELS COM LP GP LLC August 11, 2009 Docket No. 07-3919-cv.
REAMERICA v. WELLS FARGO BANK INTERNATIONAL August 11, 2009 Docket No. 08-1927-cv.
FINKEL v. ROMANOWICZ August 11, 2009 Docket No. 07-2558-cv.
DEAN v. BLUMENTHAL August 11, 2009 Docket No. 07-1986-cv.
JACOBS v. NEW YORK FOUNDLING HOSPITAL August 11, 2009 Docket No. 07-4354-cv.
UNITED STATES v. FREEMAN August 10, 2009 Docket No. 08-1886-cr.
HENRY v. RICKS August 10, 2009 Docket No. 07-4178-pr.
GREEN ISLAND POWER AUTHORITY v. FEDERAL ENERGY REGULATORY COMMISSION August 10, 2009 Docket Nos. 07-1737-ag(L), 07-2011-ag(Con), 07-5141-ag(Con).
DAVIS v. BARRETT August 7, 2009 Docket No. 08-0479-cv.
SPINELLI v. CITY OF NEW YORK August 7, 2009 Docket No. 07-1237-cv.
IN RE: the Application of the NEW YORK TIMES COMPANY TO UNSEAL WIRETAP & SEARCH WARRANT MATERIALS. August 6, 2009 Docket Nos. 09-0854-cv (L), 09-1164 (CON).
UNITED STATES v. BATTISTA August 6, 2009 Docket No. 08-3750-cr.
DOE v. CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY August 5, 2009 No. 07-0797-cv.
LIU v. HOLDER August 5, 2009 Docket No. 07-0204-ag.
IN RE: CHRYSLER LLC August 5, 2009 Docket No. 09-2311-bk.
LANFERMAN v. BOARD OF IMMIGRATION APPEALS August 5, 2009 Docket No. 06-3432-ag.
ACOSTA v. ARTUZ August 4, 2009 Docket No. 05-4196-pr.
UNITED STATES v. PEREZ August 3, 2009 Docket Nos. 08-4131-cr (CON), 08-4905-cr (CON), 08-4924-cr (CON).
SIMMONS v. NEW YORK CITY TRANSIT AUTHORITY August 3, 2009 Docket No. 08-4079-cv(L).

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