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Description Date Docket #
UNITED STATES v. HABBAS May 30, 2008 Docket Nos. 05-6142-cr, 06-0427-cr.
CHANNER v. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY May 30, 2008 Docket No. 06-0120-pr.
IN RE: BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF TELECOM ARGENTINA May 29, 2008 Docket No. 06-5640-bk.
DONINGER v. NIEHOFF May 29, 2008 Docket No. 07–3885–cv.
WILLIAMS v. BEEMILLER INC MKS May 28, 2008 Docket No. 06-4958-cv.
UNITED STATES v. ELLETT May 23, 2008 Docket No. 07-3682-cr.
TOPPS COMPANY INC v. CADBURY STANI May 15, 2008 Docket No. 06-5316-cv.
UNITED STATES v. DOUGLAS May 13, 2008 Docket No. 06-0581-cr.
ESTATE of Barbara PEW (Deceased), John Pew, Jr., Individually and as Executor of the Estate of Barbara E. Pew, Harold Pew, Donna Pew, H. Nancy Hann, Julia Hudasky and Kathleen Prickett, on behalf of themselves and all others similarly situated, Plaintif.. May 13, 2008 Docket No. 06-5703-mv.
BENNETT v. MUKASEY May 12, 2008 Docket No. 06-2480-ag.
MENDEZ v. MUKASEY May 12, 2008 Docket No. 06-0032-ag.
UNITED STATES v. MARTINEZ May 9, 2008 Docket No. 06-5502-cr.
DEDJI v. MUKASEY May 8, 2008 Docket No. 05-5414-ag.
UNITED STATES v. DESINOR May 8, 2008 Docket Nos. 05-4500-cr(L), 05-5907-cr(con), 06-2256-cr(con).
THOMPSON v. CHOINSKI May 8, 2008 Docket No. 04-5079-pr.
UNITED STATES v. IODICE May 6, 2008 Docket No. 06-2680-cr.
UNITED STATES v. EBERHARD May 5, 2008 Docket Nos. 05-3431-cr(L), 05-5248-cr(Con), 06-2913-cr(Con).
ALI v. MUKASEY May 2, 2008 Docket No. 07-0460-ag.
ISLANDER EAST PIPELINE COMPANY LLC v. McCARTHY May 2, 2008 Docket No. 06-5764-ag.
VIVES v. CITY OF NEW YORK May 1, 2008 Docket No. 05-1664-cv.

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