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Description Date Docket #
CITY OF NEW YORK, Plaintiff-Appellee-Cross-Appellant, Michael R. Bloomberg, * Mayor of the City of New York, Christine C. Quinn, ** Speaker of the New York City Council, New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, Plaintiffs-Appellees, United Stat.. April 30, 2008 Docket Nos. 05-6942-cv (LEAD), 05-6964-cv (XAP), 06-3692-cv (CON), 06-3695-cv (XAP).
IN RE: The PENN TRAFFIC COMPANY April 29, 2008 Docket No. 07-1854-bk.
SINGH v. CITY OF NEW YORK April 29, 2008 Docket No. 06-2969-cv.
ROSS III v. BANK OF AMERICA USA April 25, 2008 Docket No. 06-4755-cv.
UNITED STATES v. WILLIAMS April 25, 2008 Docket Nos. 05-4416-cr(L), 05-6778-cr(con).
COUNTY OF NASSAU, NEW YORK, County of Suffolk, New York, Federation Employment and Guidance Services, Inc., Long Island Minority Aids Coalition, Inc., Thursday's Child, Inc., Traci Bowman, Miriam Spaier, Jerome Knight, Donna Uysal, Plaintiffs–Appellants April 25, 2008 Docket No. 07–0825–cv.
MORA v. NEW YORK April 24, 2008 Docket No. 06-0341-pr.
UNITED STATES v. NEGRON April 24, 2008 Docket No. 06-3614-cr.
MARTINEZ v. IMMIGRATION AND NATURALIZATION SERVICE April 23, 2008 Docket Nos. 03-41049-ag (L), 05-3319-ag (CON).
UNITED STATES v. PARNELL April 23, 2008 Docket No. 06-4551-cr.
BEYER v. COUNTY OF NASSAU April 23, 2008 Docket No. 06-4930-cv.
MATICAN v. CITY OF NEW YORK April 23, 2008 Docket No. 06-1983-cv.
UNITED STATES v. RITTWEGER April 23, 2008 Docket Nos. 05-3600-cr(L), 05-3766-cr(CON), 05-3769-cr(CON).
Gail BENZMAN, Diane Lapson, Jim Gilroy, Anamae Gilroy, JoAlison Polett, Robert Gulack, Janice Fried, John Calder, Jenna Orkin, Kelly Colangelo, George Dinos, Brian Edwards, and Sara Manzano-Diaz, on their behalf and on behalf of all other persons simila.. April 22, 2008 Docket Nos. 06-1166-cv (L), 06-1346-cv (CON), 06-1454-cv (XAP).
EMOKAH v. MUKASEY April 22, 2008 Docket No. 07-3115-ag.
ALI v. MUKASEY April 22, 2008 Docket No. 07-1186-ag.
UNITED STATES v. GILL April 17, 2008 Docket No. 07-0284-cr.
UNITED STATES v. LEE April 17, 2008 Docket No. 06-4933-cr.
UNITED STATES v. HARDWICK April 11, 2008 Docket Nos. 04-1369-cr(L), 04-2886-cr(CON).
ROTH BEACON POWER CORPORATION v. PERSEUS 2000 20 April 10, 2008 Docket No. 06-3771-cv.
McKETHAN v. MANTELLO April 9, 2008 Docket No. 05-0731-pr.
UNITED STATES v. HENDRY April 9, 2008 Docket No. 06-5118-cr.
McLAUGHLIN v. AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY April 3, 2008 Docket No. 06-4666-cv.
UNITED STATES v. WEXLER April 3, 2008 Docket No. 06-1571-cr.
UNITED STATES v. DONOSO April 3, 2008 Docket No. 07-0635-cr.
HOLCOMB v. IONA COLLEGE April 1, 2008 Docket No. 06-3815-CV.
Victorija PORINA, as personal representative of Arnis Porins, deceased, Lubova Boilovica, as personal representative of Victor Boilovic, deceased, Jekaretina Jemeliganova, as personal representative of Vladimir Lisenko, deceased, Karlis Pukitis, as pers.. April 1, 2008 Docket No. 06-5397-cv.

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