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United States Second Circuit Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of United States Second Circuit decisions since . FindLaw offers a free RSS feed for this court. We also maintain an archive of Opinion Summaries from September 2000 to the Present. Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
Lakisha REYNOLDS, on her own behalf and on behalf of all others similarly situated, Georgina Bonilla, on her own behalf and on behalf of all others similarly situated, April Smiley, on her own behalf and on behalf of all others similarly situated, Lue G.. October 31, 2007 Nos. 06-0283-cv(L), 06-0284-cv(CON).
UNITED STATES v. ROSA October 30, 2007 Docket No. 05-3621-cr.
WILLETTE v. FISCHER October 29, 2007 Docket No. 06-1422-pr.
NAGY v. DWYER October 29, 2007 Docket No. 06-1149-pr.
APPLEWHITE v. BRIBER October 29, 2007 Docket No. 06-1923-cv.
UNITED STATES v. RUTKOSKE October 25, 2007 Docket No. 06-4067-cr.
UNITED STATES v. TSEKHANOVICH October 24, 2007 Docket No. 05-4809-cr.
UNITED STATES v. WILLIAMS October 23, 2007 Docket Nos. 05-6036-cr(L), 05-6038-cr(CON), 05-6065-cr(CON).
ZHANG v. UNITED STATES October 23, 2007 Docket No. 05-6662-pr.
MOORE v. ANDRENO October 22, 2007 Docket Nos. 06-3623-cv(L), 06-3748(XAP).
UNITED STATES v. GAGLIARDI October 22, 2007 Docket No. 06-4541-cr.
SPGGC LLC v. BLUMENTHAL October 19, 2007 Docket No. 05-4711-cv.
HIGAZY v. FBI TEMPLETON October 19, 2007 Docket No. 05-4148-cv.
CYRUS v. KEISLER October 19, 2007 Docket No. 05–4194–ag
KENSINGTON INTERNATIONAL LIMITED v. ITOUA BNP October 18, 2007 Docket Nos. 06-1763-cv (L), 06-2216-cv (CON).
HATALMUD v. SPELLINGS October 17, 2007 Docket No. 06-0976-cv.
WESTCHESTER DAY SCHOOL v. VILLAGE OF MAMARONECK October 17, 2007 Docket No. 06-1464-cv.
TRANSPORT WORKERS UNION OF AMERICA, LOCAL 100, AFL-CIO;  Roger Toussaint, as President of Transport Workers Union, Local 100, AFL-CIO;  Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO;  Sonny Hall, as President of Transport Workers Union of America, AFL October 16, 2007 Docket No. 06-3016-cv.
DARRAGJATI v. KEISLER October 16, 2007 No. 03–4816–ag
McINERNEY v. RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE October 15, 2007 Docket No. 06-1746-cv.
PACHTER v. BERNARD HODES GROUP INC October 12, 2007 Docket No. 06-3344-cv.
Sakwe Balintulo KHULUMANI, as personal representative of Saba Balintulo, Fanekaya Dabula, as personal representative of Lungile Dabula, Nokitsikaye Violet Dakuse, as personal representative of Tozi Skweyiya, Berlina Duda, as personal representative of D.. October 12, 2007 Docket Nos. 05-2141-cv, 05-2326-cv.
BING SONG CHEN v. KEISLER October 12, 2007 No. 07–0560–ag
UNITED STATES v. CAVERA October 11, 2007 Docket Nos. 05-4591-cr(L), 05-5210-cr(CON).
UNITED STATES v. JOHNSON October 10, 2007 Docket No. 05-3811-cr.
ELBAHJA v. KEISLER October 10, 2007 Docket No. 06–2671–AG
XIU GUI LIU v. GONZALES October 10, 2007 No. 07–0934–ag
IN RE: Charles Atwood FLANAGAN. Cadle Co. October 9, 2007 Docket Nos. 04-5638-bk(L), 06-0731-bk(XAP).
HUI LIN v. KEISLER October 9, 2007 No. 06–4322–ag
XIAO JUN CAO v. BOARD OF IMMIGRATION APPEALS October 9, 2007 No. 05–1303–ag
IN RE: REFCO INC. October 5, 2007 Docket Nos. 06-5786-bk(L), 06-5797-ag (con), 06-5798-bk (con), 06-5799-bk (con), 06-5800-bk (con), 06-5801-bk (con), 06-5804-bk (con), 06-5806-bk (con), 06-5807-bk (con), 06-5808-bk (con), 06-5810-bk (con), 06-5811-bk (con), 06-5812-bk (con), 06-5813-bk (con).
DAVIS v. BLIGE October 5, 2007 Docket No. 05-6844-cv.
UNITED STATES v. JACKSON October 5, 2007 Docket No. 05-5928-cr.
IN RE: WORLD TRADE CENTER DISASTER SITE LITIGATION. William D. McCue October 5, 2007 Docket No. 06-5324-cv.
WANG ZHOU v. KEISLER October 5, 2007 No. 06–5852–ag
CENTRAL STATES SOUTHEAST AND SOUTHWEST AREAS HEALTH AND WELFARE FUND, Sweetheart Cup Company, Inc., and Iron Workers Tri-State Welfare Fund, Movants-Appellants, Linda J. Cahn, Esq., Movant-Appellant, Group Hospitalization and Medical Services, d/b/a Car.. October 4, 2007 Docket Nos. 04-3300-cv(L), 04-3464-cv(CON), 04-3545-cv(CON), 04-3871-cv(CON).
GRAHAM v. PORTUONDO October 3, 2007 Docket No. 04-1315-PR.
PEDREROS v. KEISLER October 3, 2007 Docket No. 06-3172-AG.
ZHI HUI JIANG v. KEISLER October 3, 2007 No. 06–5643–ag
NOBLE v. KEISLER October 2, 2007 Docket No. 05-3915-ag.
UNITED STATES v. BRUTUS October 2, 2007 No. 06-2710-cr.
SHAFIQ v. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE October 2, 2007 No. 06–5560–ag
BLAKE v. KEISLER October 2, 2007 No. 03–40703–ag

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