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United States Second Circuit Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of United States Second Circuit decisions since . FindLaw offers a free RSS feed for this court. We also maintain an archive of Opinion Summaries from September 2000 to the Present. Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
Salvatore J. LaSCALA, Douglas A. Janese and Richard J. Marino, individually and as members of Niagara-Genesee & Vicinity Carpenters Local 280, and as Participants and Trustees or former Trustees of the Local 280 Welfare and Pension Funds, Plaintiffs-App.. February 28, 2007 Docket No. 06-1146-cv.
REID v. GONZALES February 28, 2007 Docket No. 06-0918-ag.
ABBAS v. DIXON February 28, 2007 Docket No. 04-6219-pr.
UWAIS v. UNITED STATES ATTORNEY GENERAL February 28, 2007 Docket No. 03-4697-AG.
KRAHAM v. LIPPMAN February 27, 2007 Docket No. 06-2695-CV.
CUNHA v. GENOVESE ECKERD CORPORATION February 27, 2007 Docket No. 04-0391-CV.
PORT WASHINGTON TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION, American Federation of Teachers, Local 2938, Nysut, AFL-CIO, Mary Anne Cariello, as President of the Port Washington Teachers' Association, and Michele Weiden, on behalf of themselves and the female students of the.. February 27, 2007 Docket No. 06-0708-CV.
RUSSO v. CITY OF BRIDGEPORT February 27, 2007 Docket No. 05-4302-cv.
OVERTON v. TODMAN CO CPAS February 26, 2007 Docket No. 06-2496-cv.
BERTIN v. UNITED STATES February 26, 2007 Docket No. 05-4503-cv.
ABU HASIRAH v. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY February 22, 2007 Docket No. 04-0914-ag.
YANG v. GONZALES February 22, 2007 Docket No. 03-4973-ag.
CHAUFFEUR TRAINING SCHOOL INC v. SPELLINGS February 21, 2007 Docket Nos. 04-6385-cv(Lead), 04-6489-cv(Con).
TOMASSI v. INSIGNIA FINANCIAL GROUP INC February 16, 2007 Docket No. 05-6219-CV.
ALMONTE v. CITY OF LONG BEACH February 14, 2007 Docket No. 06-2010-cv.
ROSS v. AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY February 13, 2007 Docket Nos. 06-4598-CV(L), 06-4759-CV(XAP).
TOWN OF SOUTHOLD v. TOWN OF EAST HAMPTON February 8, 2007 Docket No. 06-0335-CV.
D.D., a minor, by and through his Parent and Next Friend, V.D.;  A.C., a minor, by and through his Parent and Next Friend, V.S.;  B.T., a minor, by and through his Parent and Next Friend, D.N., individually and on behalf of all others similarly situat February 6, 2007 Docket No. 04-2542-CV.
JENKINS v. CITY OF NEW YORK 4235 1734 1344 February 6, 2007 Docket No. 06-0182-CV.
STEEVENEZ v. GONZALES February 6, 2007 Docket No. 06-2114-ag.
UNITED STATES v. KLEIN February 5, 2007 Docket Nos. 05-3443-CR(L), 05-4199-CR(CON).
AON FINANCIAL PRODUCTS INC v. SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE February 5, 2007 Docket No. 06-1080-CV.
UNITED STATES v. WILLS February 5, 2007 Docket No. 06-0115-cr.
Lindsey (“Linzie”) VINCENTY;  Valerie Adams, on behalf of her minor son Kereem Adams;  Gino Castignoli, on behalf of his minor daughter Melissa Castignoli;  Fernando Carlo;  Rhea David, on behalf of her minor daughter Loyette David;  Nellie February 1, 2007 Docket No. 06-2106-CV.

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