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Description Date Docket #
IN RE: Complaint as to the CONDUCT OF William B. WYLLIE March 31, 1998 OSB 93-4, 93-16, 93-17;  SC S40929.
STATE CARLILE v. FROST STATE March 31, 1998 SC S43707; * CA A94916, SC S44065.
IN RE: Complaint as to the CONDUCT OF Milton O. BROWN March 26, 1998 OSB 92-28;  SC S43511.
IN RE: the Reciprocal Discipline of Gimi D. PAGE March 26, 1998 OSB 97-28;  SC S44396.
DALE v. MYERS March 26, 1998 SC S44984.
IN RE: the Adoption of Alexander Ferguson Hodges March 26, 1998 CC 58-93-07683;  CA A88794;  SC S44137.
Victor ATIYEH, Vera Katz, Berkeley Lent, Ellen Lowe, Fred Miller, Betty Roberts, Herbert M. Schwab, Robert Straub, R.G. Anderson-Wyckoff, Oregon School Employees Association, International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 1660, City of Eugene, and Le.. March 26, 1998 CC 16-95-00123;  CA A90030;  SC S42467.
STATE UPHAM v. McELLIGOTT STATE March 26, 1998 SC S43433 (Control), S43551. *
IN RE: the Compensation of Dale R. Shipley March 26, 1998 WCB 95-02156;  CA A92310;  SC S44301.
ALDERMAN v. DAVIDSON March 12, 1998 CC 94-00184CV;  CA A91510;  SC S44089.
STATE v. FAIR March 5, 1998 CC 94-10-37301;  CA A90430;  SC S43900.
STATE v. MORTON March 5, 1998 CC 10-93-01567B;  CA A80443;  SC S42838.
IN RE: Complaint as to the Conduct of Gretchen R. MORRIS March 5, 1998 OSB 94-11;  SC S43700.
FINNEY v. BRANSOM March 5, 1998 CC 93–3808–L–2;  CA A84924;  SC S43728, S43807.

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