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Description Date Docket #
IN RE: D.A.C. October 28, 2009 040190J, A140588 (Control);  040191J, A140591;  040192J, A140593.
RUEDE v. CITY OF FLORENCE LLC October 28, 2009 160704170;  A137660.
STATE v. PARKER October 28, 2009 C080047CR, A139029.
STATE v. PEWONKA October 28, 2009 C071620CR, A137268.
STATE v. EDWARDS October 28, 2009 07CR0416;  A137256.
WIEBER v. FEDEX GROUND PACKAGE SYSTEM INC October 28, 2009 040909259, A135969.
STATE v. BOROWSKI October 28, 2009 05-0307M, A132129 (Control), 05-0309M, A132130, 05-0310M, A132131, 05-0333M, A132132, 05-0337M, A132133, 05-0339M, A132134, 05-0341M, A132135, 05-0342M, A132136, 05-0364M, A132137, 05-0367M, A132138, 05-0426M, A132139, 05-0427M, A132140, 05-0564M, A132141.
STATE v. IVORY October 21, 2009 060331870;  A133623.
STATE v. STOKKE October 21, 2009 C053646CR, A134852.
MARSH v. AMERICAN FAMILY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY October 14, 2009 051213237, A136067.
STATE v. JEANTY October 14, 2009 C070402CR;  A136225.
STEWART v. CITY OF SALEM October 14, 2009 2009009;  A142161.
IN RE: J.R.W. October 7, 2009 2007804041, Petition Number 105253, A141009.
STATE ENGLISH v. MULTNOMAH COUNTY October 7, 2009 070708042; A137217.
STATE v. DELCURTO October 7, 2009 05694; A134127.
STATE v. COEN October 7, 2009 020774FE; A135115.
STATE v. MACIEL CORTES October 7, 2009 06C43403, A135949.
STATE v. ROBERTS October 7, 2009 200608879; A133927.

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