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Description Date Docket #
STATE v. DELL December 24, 2003 0007-35611;  A117948.
IN RE: the MARRIAGE OF Cynthia Jean AUSTIN December 24, 2003 00C-32246;  A115886.
STATE v. WILLIAMS December 17, 2003 016023FE, A118181.
IN RE: the Marriage of Linda A. GROSSMAN December 17, 2003 9909-69143;  A116358.
IN RE: the Compensation of Timothy Troupe December 17, 2003 00-01864;  A117192.
GAMBEE v. DEPARTMENT OF FORESTRY December 17, 2003 98-KL018A-O, 98-KL019, 98-KL020;  A112287.
IN RE: the MARRIAGE OF Joy Renee CONRAD December 17, 2003 C97-4328DR;  A118788.
STATE v. BURNEY December 17, 2003 C003094CR;  A114503.
IN RE: the Compensation of Terry R. Myers December 17, 2003 00-07268, 00-07267, 00-01987;  A116842.
STATE v. ROMERO December 10, 2003 99C41881;  A111035.
IN RE: the Compensation of James R. Clevenger December 10, 2003 01-08644, 01-08647;  A119486.
IN RE: the Suspension of the Driving Privileges of Gerald Lynn MacDONALD December 10, 2003 022018;  A119074.
SAIF CORPORATION v. ROSS December 10, 2003 H00-111 and H00-041;  A118745.
CORNELIUS MANOR TRAILER COURT INC v. ESCH December 10, 2003 C011233CV;  A118553.
Richard ALLEN, James Anderson, John J. Atkins, David A. Baleria, Jeanne Burrows, Kenneth R. Curtis, Steven E. Daniels, Sandra Depiero, Sandra L. Eccker, Miltona L. Hendrix, Michel Holloran-Marshall, Brad L. Hope, Richard C. Kennedy, Robert O. Kennedy, S.. December 10, 2003 97-009-L1;  A115689.

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