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Description Date Docket #
IN RE: Amanda Broadway November 26, 2003 J000777 and J000778;  Petition Nos. 102201BRO2 and 102201HOU1;  A119862 (Control) and A119863.
CITIZENS SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, a Federal Savings and Loan Association;  and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, as Receiver for Citizens Savings and Loan Association, Successor-in-Interest, Plaintiffs, and The Cadle Company, an Ohio corporati November 26, 2003 86-CV-0069-33;  A119140.
IN RE: Curtis Jones November 26, 2003 9611-83279;  A106772.
HOUCK v. FELLER LIVING TRUST November 26, 2003 00-10273;  A119142.
STATE v. FIELDS November 26, 2003 01C44362;  A116156.
IN RE: the Compensation of Rodney G. McAleny November 26, 2003 95-09821;  A117460.
ZIMMERMAN v. STATE November 26, 2003 01-2252;  A117732.
IN RE: the Suspension Of The Driving Privileges of Michelle Frances ROBINSON November 26, 2003 02CV1161CC;  A119760.
DUE DONOHUE v. BEAL November 26, 2003 16-01-22398;  A118924.
CHAMLEY v. GIBBONS November 26, 2003 16-01-04173;  A117555.
IN RE: the Estate of Gerald G. Zimmer November 26, 2003 00-PB-0073-MA;  A119096.
STATE v. McMILIAN November 26, 2003 96C-20672, 00C-54523;  A115696 (Control), A115697.
RAMIREZ v. LEMBCKE November 26, 2003 16-01-12856;  A118910.
STATE v. FRY November 26, 2003 01CR1790FE;  A116769.
COX COX v. STATE November 26, 2003 99CV0307AB;  A112061.
STATE v. SMITH November 19, 2003 C991426CR;  A110289.
IN RE: the Compensation of Anne L. Ernst November 13, 2003 01-02036;  A118163.
MANTIA v. HANSON November 13, 2003 99-12-13064;  A112282.
Paul R. BOCCI, Jr., guardian ad litem for Paul R. Bocci, III, an incapacitated individual, Plaintiff, KEY PHARMACEUTICALS, INC., a foreign corporation, Schering-Plough Corporation, a foreign corporation, and Schering Corporation, a foreign corporation, .. November 13, 2003 A9210-07050;  A86556.
BAKER v. CITY OF WOODBURN LLC November 13, 2003 00C-10897;  A114619.
HAMMER v. CLACKAMAS COUNTY November 13, 2003 2002-165;  A122139.
IN RE: C.C. November 13, 2003 02-03-63124;  A117801.
KISH v. KUSTURA November 13, 2003 99-2205;  A113094.
STATE v. ORTIZ VALDEZ November 13, 2003 C991766CR;  A112073.
Robert RIEMAN, Francis Reiman, Frederick Westendorf, Donna Westendorf, Darly Pitman, Lucille Pitman, Danna Lyche, Theresa Getty-Adam, Martin Wafford, Tim McLareu, Brandi Thoms, Lee Layman, Ida Clarke, Larry Davis, Fenny Davis, Ronald Casper, Paulette Ca.. November 13, 2003 00-CV-0094-ST;  A116891.
MILES v. CITY OF FLORENCE November 13, 2003 2003-007;  A121477.
Marcia L. AICHER, Heather M. Ancich, Annette R. Beguhl, Coletta Maria Brands, Marcia D. Brynelson, Teresa Marie Cousins, Jim L. Cox, Dan R. Drake, Vickie L. Forrester, David Allen Johnston, David M. Jenson, Scott P. Lawson, Diane M. McCoy, Kim A. McKinn.. November 13, 2003 00-11-11564;  A116791.
STATE v. KAPPEL November 13, 2003 81424;  A118678.
SEARS v. SEARS November 13, 2003 01-2933;  A117631.
STATE v. JENKINS November 13, 2003 9901-30573 and 9906-34654;  A112291 (Control), A112292.
BRAMEL v. BRANDT November 13, 2003 0008-08291, A116484.
STATE v. McCOIN November 13, 2003 MI000250;  A115646.
IN RE: the Compensation of Curtis A. Mulford November 5, 2003 01-01311, 01-04099;  A118838.
STATE v. ATKIN November 5, 2003 C992235CR;  A114082.
HEGELE v. CROOK COUNTY November 5, 2003 2002-139;  A121356.
STATE v. THAXTON November 5, 2003 99CR2576FE;  A110205.
SULLIGER v. LANE COUNTY November 5, 2003 16-00-08839;  A116433.

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