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Description Date Docket #
STATE v. JOURDAIN April 30, 1997 10-93-00675A;  CA A93455.
COFFEY v. EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT April 30, 1997 95-AB-2425;  CA A91402.
IN RE: the MARRIAGE OF Paul J. STARKE and Victoria L. Starke. April 30, 1997 96DM0008;  CA A93946.
IN RE: the Compensation of Fred D. Justice April 30, 1997 90-05033; CA A88233.
WORKMAN v. VALLEY INSURANCE COMPANY April 30, 1997 95-L-2554-L-2(3);  CA A93234.
KENYON v. NEAL April 30, 1997 94-CV0195;  CA A89307.
STATE v. STEVENS April 30, 1997 10-92-10418;  CA A85716.
NORTHWEST NATURAL GAS COMPANY v. CHASE GARDENS INC April 30, 1997 16-91-01370;  CA A90481.
STATE v. HARELSON April 30, 1997 95CR-0620;  CA A91774.
WHITE v. MAC AIR CORP April 30, 1997 9502-00969;  CA A89541.
IN RE: the Compensation of Max Walton April 30, 1997 Agency No. 94-13340;  CA A91169.
IN RE: the Compensation of Cheryl T. Torkko April 30, 1997 Agency No. 95-01511;  CA A91855.
STATE v. MOSS April 30, 1997 94C21010, CA A87648.
STATE v. CHAMBERS April 30, 1997 952166C;  CA A92265.
IN RE: the MARRIAGE OF Donna R. ARNOLD April 30, 1997 93-0267;  CA A94079.
IN RE: Mark Rohlffs April 30, 1997 J94-0622;  CA A91778.
IN RE: the Request for Change of Attending Physician. LIBERTY NORTHWEST INSURANCE CORPORATION and Redman Homes April 30, 1997 H94-048; CA A88866.
ROSELIUS II POPP II v. HOEHNE April 30, 1997 92 CV 255; CA A83279.
STATE v. SCHWIRSE April 30, 1997 93-1147;  CA A90725.
STATE v. ROSS April 30, 1997 70201;  CA A92592.
IN RE: the Compensation of Stephen M. Snyder April 30, 1997 Agency No. 94-02568;  CA A91472.
IN RE: the Compensation of Kim E. Danboise April 23, 1997 94-14711;  CA A91148.
STATE v. GILE April 16, 1997 94D102833;  CA A90532.
SIPES v. SIPES April 16, 1997 94-1-370;  CA A93978.
IN RE: the Compensation of Paula A. Granner April 16, 1997 95-01626;  CA A91875.
GEO CULTURE INC v. SIAM INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT April 16, 1997 9501-00400;  CA A91628.
ORTEGA v. PORT OF PORTLAND April 16, 1997 9509-06299;  CA A91279.
STATE v. KIMSEY April 16, 1997 Z281878;  CA A89321.
LOURIM v. SWENSEN April 16, 1997 C95-1000CV;  CA A92903.
STRICKLIN v. SOUED April 16, 1997 96-0569-L-1;  CA A93907.
IN RE: the MARRIAGE OF Richard Ralph PAGANO April 16, 1997 94DO-1815DS;  CA A92064.
IN RE: the MARRIAGE OF John T. JACKSON April 16, 1997 D092-408;  CA A90838.
IN RE: the Compensation of Kerment C. Verner April 16, 1997 93-10270;  CA A93921.
STATE v. SPICER April 16, 1997 95C-21159;  CA A90794.
STATE v. AUBRE April 16, 1997 C95-11-48302;  CA A92418.
STATE v. HURST April 16, 1997 91CR-0289ST;  CA A89274.
STATE v. WHITNEY BIGGS April 16, 1997 94CR-0569;  CA A86920.
STATE SULLIVAN v. PIERCE April 16, 1997 94-11-26892-L;  CA A91711.
FEARING v. BUCHER April 16, 1997 9412-08665;  CA A89144.
FAULCONER v. WILLIAMS April 16, 1997 95-10169;  CA A93542.
STUFFLEBEAN v. BROWN April 9, 1997 93DM0448;  CA A91666.
SCHELIN v. MAASS April 9, 1997 93-C-13010;  CA A91130.

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