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Description Date Docket #
 IN RE: the Marriage of Lauren RYKERT February 26, 1997 C94-2639DR;  CA A89796.
SHELTON v. ARMENAKIS OSCI February 26, 1997 95C-13761;  CA A93465.
ESTREMADO v. JACKSON COUNTY February 26, 1997 LUBA No. 96-059;  CA A95538.
 IN RE: the MARRIAGE OF Jeffrey Harold GLITHERO February 19, 1997 93-4535;  CA A90270.
STATE v. CUSTER February 19, 1997 91P-3244;  CA A89949.
COOLEY v. FREDINBURG February 19, 1997 88-0971-J-1;  CA A89024.
 IN RE: the Estate of William A. Gollyhorn February 19, 1997 94 PR 30;  CA A92041.
SCHENCK v. OREGON TELEVISION INC KPTV 12 February 19, 1997 (94-10-07049;  CA A91533.)
STATE v. LEA February 19, 1997 C8803-32590 and C9409-35604;  CA A90541 (Control) and CA A90723.
 IN RE: the MARRIAGE Of Phyllis Anita DAVIS February 19, 1997 C932837DR;  CA A85380.
STATE v. MARTIN February 19, 1997 95-03-31796;  CA A88759.
STATE EAMES v. BALDWIN February 19, 1997 CV93-0930;  CA A91999.
SCHRAM v. ALBERTSON INC February 19, 1997 9411-07604;  CA A91574.
STATE v. GEORGE February 19, 1997 9508-36621;  CA A91745.
 IN RE: the Minor Child February 19, 1997 95DO 09490T;  CA A91196.
CARTON v. SHISLER February 19, 1997 16 91 05714;  CA A76583.
WILKES v. ZURLINDEN WILKES February 12, 1997 93-3620-L-3 and Agency No. 17988-101;  CA A91278 (Control), A91800.
ROSBORO LUMBER CO v. APSEL February 12, 1997 16-93-04039;  CA A83211.
 IN RE: the Compensation of Michael D. Quinton February 12, 1997 94-13396;  CA A92673.
HARMON v. MEYER February 12, 1997 9503-01540,  CA A90654.
 IN RE: the MARRIAGE OF Dorothy Lorraine LARKIN February 12, 1997 940079;  CA A91554.
LINVILLE v. EMPLOYMENT DEPARTMENT February 12, 1997 96-AB-1107;  CA A93644.
GERMAN v. MURPHY February 12, 1997 9503-01375;  CA A92761.
OLCOTT v. ROGGE WOOD PRODUCTS INC February 12, 1997 95-05-10786;  CA A91822.
NORTHWEST NATURAL GAS COMPANY v. CHASE GARDENS INC February 12, 1997 16-91-01370;  CA A90481.
STATE v. WATKINS February 12, 1997 951292CC1;  CA A90682.
 IN RE: the MARRIAGE OF Janice G. BENSON February 12, 1997 93-3-150;  CA A83937.
MARTIN v. STATE FARM FIRE AND CASUALTY COMPANY February 12, 1997 94-5817;  CA A90371.
STATE v. MILLER February 12, 1997 95-12834;  CA A90849.
ALDERMAN v. DAVIDSON February 12, 1997 94-00184CV;  CA A91510.
STATE v. GONZALEZ GALINDO February 12, 1997 C9509–37535;  CA A91896.
 IN RE: the Compensation of Marcia P. Trevisan February 12, 1997 95-00290;  CA A92932.
 D.E. (Gene) PENLAND, Cathy Penland, Enid Madding, Ray Ritchey, Lucy Ritchey, Ken Goodrich, Leola Goodrich, Richard Vischer, Pam Vischer, Ron Danyluk, Sue Danyluk, William Bushnell, Judy Bushnell, Roger Barklow, Shirley Barklow, Dave Price, Linda Price, February 5, 1997 94-CV-0209;  CA A90247.
JONES v. ARMENAKIS February 5, 1997 94C-13804;  CA A86915.
 IN RE: Alderson February 5, 1997 9304-81136(40);  CA A88579.
PFEIFER v. CITY OF SILVERTON February 5, 1997 LUBA No. 96-009;  CA A95228.
STATE v. TAYLOR February 5, 1997 CR4-1317;  CR4-1720;  CA A89511 (Control) and CA A89512.
HARMON v. MT HOOD MEADOWS LTD February 5, 1997 9603-02414;  CA A93717.
STATE v. MEADE February 5, 1997 95–1031;  CA A90793.

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