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Description Date Docket #
WEILER v. RITCHIE September 30, 2010 No. A10-1120.
STATE v. MORALES September 23, 2010 No. A07-2401.
SCHERF v. STATE September 23, 2010 No. A08-1566.
SCOTT v. STATE September 23, 2010 No. A09-1769.
STATE v. THOMPSON September 16, 2010 No. A09–1077.
STATE v. FLOWERS September 16, 2010 No. A09-1359.
DOBBINS v. STATE September 16, 2010 No. A09-1872.
STATE v. AL NASEER September 16, 2010 No. A07-2275.
STATE v. SONTOYA September 16, 2010 No. A09-1480.
STATE v. CAO September 16, 2010 No. A08-1932.
STATE v. BARRIENTOS QUINTANA September 9, 2010 No. A09-1613.
ERDMAN v. LIFE TIME FITNESS INC September 9, 2010 No. A08-1993.
ZUTZ v. NELSON September 9, 2010 No. A08-1764.
BAHR v. CAPELLA UNIVERSITY September 9, 2010 No. A08-1367.
EVANS v. STATE September 9, 2010 No. A10-160.
STATE v. HULL September 9, 2010 No. A09-220.
VANG v. STATE September 9, 2010 No. A09-2297.
GASSLER v. STATE September 2, 2010 No. A09-1534.
STATE v. LARSON September 2, 2010 No. A05-0031.
Moorhead Economic Development Authority, Respondent, v. Roger W. Anda, et al., Appellants, Kjos Investments, Respondent Below. September 2, 2010 No. A07-1918, A07-1930.
STATE v. LARSON September 2, 2010 No. A05-118.

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