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Description Date Docket #
STATE v. VICK August 30, 2001 No. C7-99-1949.
BURKSTRAND v. BURKSTRAND August 30, 2001 No. C0-00-813.
STATE v. LINDSEY August 23, 2001 No. C0-00-1167.
IN RE: the WELFARE OF the CHILDREN OF Deloris COATS. August 23, 2001 No. CX-99-2142.
STATE v. CALMES August 23, 2001 No. CX-00-1273.
FUNCHESS v. CECIL NEWMAN CORP August 23, 2001 No. C8-00-90.
IN RE: Petition for DISCIPLINARY ACTION AGAINST Richard T. JELLINGER August 17, 2001 No. C3-00-1681.
GARZA v. STATE August 16, 2001 Nos. C8-00-526, CX-00-527.
STATE v. TURE August 16, 2001 No. C8-00-798.
IN RE: CONDEMNATION BY THE CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS OF CERTAIN LANDS IN THE CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS for the Lyn/Lake Municipal Parking Lot Project. August 16, 2001 No. C5-99-1996.
STATE v. TORRES August 16, 2001 No. C5-00-1603.
DOHNEY v. ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY August 16, 2001 No. C5-01-252.
HINCE v. KEEFE August 9, 2001 No. C0-00-49.
JEFFERSON v. COMMISSIONER OF REVENUE August 2, 2001 No. C6-01-308.
HAGEN v. BURMEISTER ASSOCIATES INC August 2, 2001 No. C3-00-496.
STATE v. McDONOUGH August 2, 2001 No. C6-00-1626.
RAHR MALTING COMPANY v. County of Scott, Respondent. August 2, 2001 No. CX-00-1676.
ENGVALL v. SOO LINE RAILROAD COMPANY August 2, 2001 No. C6-99-64.

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