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Description Date Docket #
STATE v. JOSEPH January 30, 2001 No. C2-00-1364.
MIZE v. KENDALL January 30, 2001 No. C9-00-597.
MY BROTHER KEEPER v. SCOTT COUNTY January 30, 2001 No. C6-00-1173.
STIGLICH CONSTRUCTION INC v. LARSON III January 30, 2001 No. C6-00-1190.
IN RE: the CONSERVATORSHIP OF Colleen Ann GELDERT January 23, 2001 No. C3-00-921.
BAUMANN v. CHASKA BUILDING CENTER INC January 23, 2001 No. CX-00-1208.
STATE v. COSTELLO January 23, 2001 No. C7-00-436.
STATE v. MIRANDA January 23, 2001 No. C4-00-524.
IN RE: the Marriage of Kjersti Susanna HARDING January 23, 2001 No. C3-00-918.
MYERS v. HEARTH TECHNOLOGIES INC January 22, 2001 No. C7-00-596.
IN RE: the WELFARE OF K.J.K. January 16, 2001 No. CX-00-1337.
IN RE: the Marriage of Michael R. BLONIGEN January 16, 2001 No. C7-00-1019.
IN RE: the Award of Damages to Dennis RAPP for Condemnation of Land on County Road 61. January 16, 2001 No. C4-00-1124.
STATE v. WIEGAND January 16, 2001 Nos. C2-00-1137, C4-00-1138, C6-00-1139.
BRUA v. OLSON January 16, 2001 No. C3-00-1082.
ABRAHAM v. COUNTY OF HENNEPIN January 9, 2001 Nos. CX-00-835, C7-00-1652.
BAUGHMAN v. MELLON MORTGAGE COMPANY January 9, 2001 Nos. C1-00-1016, CX-00-1340.
IN RE: the Marriage of Jean K. HAEFELE January 2, 2001 No. C4-00-670.
DEMGEN v. FAIRVIEW HOSPITAL January 2, 2001 No. C8-00-705.
STATE v. BREAUX January 2, 2001 No. C0-00-309.
CINCINNATI INSURANCE COMPANY v. FRANCK January 2, 2001 No. C0-00-1069.
KAISER v. STATE January 2, 2001 No. C5-00-807.
BURNS v. STATE January 2, 2001 No. C6-00-1089.
STATE v. WOELFEL January 2, 2001 No. C1-00-643.
STATE v. LARKIN January 2, 2001 No. C0-00-1153.

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