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Description Date Docket #
STATE v. PLUMMER January 31, 2008 Docket No. Cum-07-112.
FOSTER v. ORAL SURGERY ASSOCIATES January 31, 2008 Docket No. CUM-07-86.
PORTLAND WATER DISTRICT v. TOWN OF STANDISH January 31, 2008 Docket No. CUM-07-238.
IVANOV v. PHENIX MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY January 31, 2008 Docket No. Cum-07-327.
BROWN v. HABRLE January 29, 2008 Docket No. Aro-07-122.
Estate of Theodore LIPIN. January 29, 2008 Docket No. Cum-07-372.
BEAN v. CUMMINGS January 29, 2008 Docket No. Oxf-07-6.
MARTIN v. CITY OF LEWISTON January 29, 2008 Docket No. And–07–139.
CURRIER v. HURON January 29, 2008 Docket:  No. Yor-07-196.
FINCH v. HIGGINS January 24, 2008 Docket No. Cum-07-175.
PROVENCHER v. PROVENCHER January 24, 2008 Docket No. And-07-346.
STATE v. GRANT January 24, 2008 Docket No. Ken-06-625.
WOOLDRIDGE v. WOOLDRIDGE January 24, 2008 Docket No. YOR-07-399.
GEARY v. STANLEY MEDICAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE January 15, 2008 Docket Nos. Wal-07-454, Cum-07-401.
SMITH v. HANNAFORD BROTHERS CO January 15, 2008 Docket No. WCB-07-25.
ESTATE OF James MARTIN Jr. January 15, 2008 Docket No. Aro-07-91
PERRY IRON METAL CO INC v. CITY OF PORTLAND January 15, 2008 Docket No. Cum-07-176.
OAKES v. OAKES January 8, 2008 Docket No. Sag-07-154.
COLE v. COLE January 8, 2008 Docket No. Pen-07-188.
SUTHERLAND v. MORRILL January 8, 2008 Docket No. Sag-07-98.
CONRAD v. SWAN January 8, 2008 Docket No. Oxf-06-714.
STATE v. DILLEY January 8, 2008 Docket No. Cum-06-660.
AHERN v. AHERN January 3, 2008 Docket No. Han-06-738.

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