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Description Date Docket #
IN RE: WILLIAM P. January 31, 2001 Docket No. PIS-00-264.
Estate of Pearl McCORMICK. January 31, 2001 Docket No. YOR-00-102.
BAKER v. MANTER January 31, 2001 Docket No. KEN-00-280.
MP ASSOCIATES v. LIBERTY January 30, 2001 Docket No. Cum-00-472.
Estate of Robert E. SWEETLAND. January 30, 2001 Docket No. Cum-00-451.
LIBERTY v. LIBERTY January 30, 2001 Docket No. Cum-00-292.
STATE v. CASWELL January 30, 2001 Docket No. Ken-00-155.
WELLS v. PORTLAND YACHT CLUB January 30, 2001 Docket No. Cum-00-381.
BLANCHARD v. SAWYER January 25, 2001 Docket No. PEN-00-302.
STATE v. PIERCE January 24, 2001 Docket No. KEN-99-297.
BERNARD v. MEAD PUBLISHING PAPER DIVISION January 24, 2001 Docket No. WCB-99-643.
BERNIER v. MERRILL AIR ENGINEERS January 24, 2001 Docket No. Cum-00-32.
HARDING v. WAL MART STORES INC January 22, 2001 Docket No. PEN-00-394.
JOHNSON v. CARLETON January 19, 2001 Docket No. YOR-00-289.
STROMBERG CARLSON CORP v. STATE TAX ASSESSOR January 18, 2001 Docket No. KEN-00-385.
HAWKES v. COMMERCIAL UNION INSURANCE COMPANY January 16, 2001 Docket No. Cum-00-229.
BOARD OF OVERSEERS OF THE BAR v. MANGAN January 16, 2001 Docket No. And-00-153.
FORBES v. TOWN OF SOUTHWEST HARBOR January 16, 2001 Docket No. 00-341.
PATRICK v. MORAN January 12, 2001 Docket No. Ken-00-85.
MORSE BROTHERS INC v. MASON January 9, 2001 No. And-00-326.
McADAM v. UNITED PARCEL SERVICE January 9, 2001 Docket No. WCB-99-639.
IN RE: CHARLES G. January 5, 2001 Docket No. Fra-00-347.
YATES v. TOWN OF SOUTHWEST HARBOR January 5, 2001 Docket No. Han-97-209.
HERRLE v. TOWN OF WATERBORO January 4, 2001 Docket No. Yor-00-161.

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