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Description Date Docket #
STATE v. SHATTUCK February 29, 2000 Docket No. KEN-99-310.
KAECHELE v. KENYON OIL COMPANY INC February 29, 2000 Docket No. AND-99-280.
GREENWOOD v. GREENWOOD February 28, 2000 Docket No. Cum-98-364.
PORTER v. PHILBRICK GATES February 28, 2000 Docket No. Som-99-516.
TRUCKLEASE CORP AMI v. COZY HARBOR SEAFOODS INC February 28, 2000 Docket No. Cum-99-132.
IN RE: WILLIAM S. February 25, 2000 Docket No. SOM-99-157.
SPROUL v. TOWN OF BOOTHBAY HARBOR February 24, 2000 Docket No. Lin-99-468.
STATE v. WILDER February 24, 2000 Docket No. Cum-99-392.
SOUTH PORTLAND ASSOCIATES v. CITY OF SOUTH PORTLAND February 18, 2000 Docket No. Cum-99-483.
TOMHEGAN CAMP OWNERS ASSOCIATION v. MURPHY February 16, 2000 Docket No. Som-99-339.
YORK MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY v. BOWMAN February 14, 2000 Docket No. Pen-99-149.
MOHOLLAND v. EMPIRE FIRE MARINE INSURANCE CO February 11, 2000 Docket No. Was-99-295.
STATE v. BROWN February 11, 2000 Docket No. Pen–99–347.
STATE v. TARMEY February 10, 2000 No. And-99-136.
IN RE: Boyce L. BEARDSLEY. February 10, 2000 Docket No. FED-99-480.
STATE v. STANLEY February 9, 2000 Docket No. Was-98-543.
STULL v. FIRST AMERICAN TITLE INSURANCE CO February 8, 2000 Docket No. Ken-99-315.
MANCINI v. SCOTT February 7, 2000 Docket No. CUM-99-7.
KIMBALL v. LAND USE REGULATION COMMISSION February 7, 2000 Docket No. Ken-99-72.
LIVINGSTONE v. CABLE SERVICES OF MAINE February 4, 2000 Docket Nos. WCB-98-694, Ken-99-388.
ESTATE OF William KRUZYNSKI. February 3, 2000 Docket No. WAL-99-404.
MERRILL v. SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN CORPORATION February 3, 2000 Docket No. Pen-98-239.
LARRABEE v. TOWN OF KNOX February 1, 2000 Docket No. WAL-99-382.

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