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Description Date Docket #
IN RE: Randy J. UNGAR. October 30, 2009 No. 2009-B-0573.
FOTI v. HOLLIDAY October 30, 2009 No. 2009-C-0093.
STATE v. CARTER October 28, 2009 No. 2009-KK-2345.
GREEN v. AUTO CLUB GROUP INSURANCE COMPANY October 28, 2009 No. 2008-CC-2868.
IN RE: Joanne S. ENGUM. October 28, 2009 No. 2009-B-1619.
STATE v. WILLIAMS October 20, 2009 No. 2007-KA-1407.
STATE v. SMITH October 20, 2009 No. 2007-K-2028.
BROUSSARD v. HILCORP ENERGY COMPANY LLC USA October 20, 2009 Nos. 2009-C-0449, 2009-C-0469.
STATE v. RICHARDSON October 20, 2009 No. 2009-KK-0638.
LeBLANC v. THOMAS LSU October 20, 2009 No. 2008-CC-2869.
IN RE: Hilliard C. FAZANDE October 20, 2009 No. 2009-B-0938.
FONTENOT v. PATTERSON INSURANCE October 20, 2009 No. 2009-C-0669.
BUXTON v. IOWA POLICE DEPARTMENT October 20, 2009 No. 2009-C-0520.
IN RE: Wade R. BAGGETTE. October 20, 2009 No. 2009-B-1091.
IN RE: Gair OLDENBURG. October 16, 2009 No. 20009-B-0991.
STATE of Louisiana v. Wilbert MARCELIN. IN RE: Meghan Garvey. October 16, 2009 No. 2009-KD-1825.
IN RE: Darryl L. ROBERTSON. October 16, 2009 No. 2009-B-1353.
STATE v. BORDELON October 16, 2009 No. 2007-KA-0525.
STATE v. JOHNSON October 9, 2009 No. 2007-KP-2034.
STATE v. JOHNSON October 9, 2009 No. 2009-OK-1920.
VEROLINE v. PRIORITY ONE EMS October 9, 2009 No. 2009-C-1040.
IN RE: John Joseph ARBOUR. October 2, 2009 No. 2009-B-1217.
IN RE: James Louis FAHRENHOLTZ. October 2, 2009 No. 2009-B-0748.
IN RE: Ronnie BANKS October 2, 2009 No. 2009-B-1212.
IN RE: Richard Collins DALTON. October 2, 2009 No. 2009-B-1288.

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