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Description Date Docket #
BERRY v. ORLEANS PARISH SCHOOL BOARD June 21, 2002 No. 2001-CC-3283.
STATE v. HORTON June 21, 2002 No. 2001-KK-2529.
IN RE: Barry W. BOLTON. June 21, 2002 No. 2002-B-0257.
STATE v. DOBARD June 21, 2002 No. 2001-KK-2629.
STATE v. HARRIS June 21, 2002 No. 2001-KA-0408.
CAMPO v. CORREA June 21, 2002 No. 2001-C-2707.
BOLAND v. KLEINPETER June 21, 2002 No. 2001-C-3287.
JONISE v. BOLOGNA BROTHERS June 21, 2002 No. 2001-C-3230.
STATE v. ALLEN June 21, 2002 No. 2001-K-2494.
IN RE: Willie Fred SMITH. June 21, 2002 No. 2002-B-1109.
QUEBEDEAUX v. DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY June 21, 2002 No. 2001-C-2297.
HOLLINGSWORTH v. CITY OF MINDEN June 21, 2002 No. 2001-C-2658.
STATE v. MAYEUX June 21, 2002 No. 2001-KP-3408.
STATE v. VIGNE June 21, 2002 No. 2001-KK-2940.
STATE v. MAYEUX June 21, 2002 No. 2001-KK-3195.
STATE v. GOODLEY June 21, 2002 No. 2001-K-0077.
STATE v. ANDERS June 21, 2002 No. 2001-K-0556.
STATE v. SUGASTI June 21, 2002 No. 2001-K-3407.
SAVOIE v. RUBIN June 21, 2002 Nos. 2001-CC-3275, 2001-CC-3276.
STATE v. FLEMING June 21, 2002 No. 2001-KA-2799.
IN RE: Richard John BOURKE. June 14, 2002 No. 2002-OB-1468.
IN RE: Elise M. BEAUCHAMP. June 13, 2002 No. 2002-B-1389.
IN RE: Stephen I. SINGER. June 12, 2002 No. 2001-OB-2776.
IN RE: Vincent J. GLORIOSO June 7, 2002 No. 2002-B-1074.
IN RE: Mark V. MARINOFF. June 7, 2002 No. 2001-B-2584.
IN RE: Walter C. DUMAS. June 7, 2002 No. 2002-B-0149.
IN RE: Kenneth R. RASTELLO. June 6, 2002 No. 2002-B-0777.
IN RE: Lincoln H. JONES. June 6, 2002 No. 2002-B-0982.
IN RE: Edward L. HENDERSON. June 6, 2002 No. 2002-B-0903.

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