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Description Date Docket #
ST BERNARD POLICE JURY v. MURLA June 30, 2000 No. 00-C-0132.
IN RE: A.J.F. Applying for Private Adoption. June 30, 2000 No. 2000-CJ-0948.
IN RE: Judge Pamela Taylor JOHNSON. June 30, 2000 No. 00-O-0392.
CACAMO v. LIBERTY MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY June 30, 2000 Nos. 99-C-3479, 99-C-3480 and 99-C-3481.
LOUISIANA HOUSEHOLD GOODS CARRIERS, a Domestic Unincorporated Association, by and through William D. Hathorn, its President;  Northlake Moving and Storage Inc., individually and as a Member of Louisiana Household Goods Carriers Association;  A-1 Mover June 30, 2000 No. 99-CA-3184.
BABIN v. WINN DIXIE LOUISIANA INC June 30, 2000 No. 00-C-0078.
STATE v. RABON June 30, 2000 No. 00-KK-0935.
IN RE: Samuel H. THOMAS. June 30, 2000 No. 00-B-1610.
STATE v. BREWSTER June 30, 2000 No. 00-KK-1266.
IN RE: Alvarez T. FERROUILLET June 30, 2000 No. 99-B-3434.
STATE v. FILER June 30, 2000 No. 2000-K-0073.
IN RE: Geoffrey Duane THOMAS. June 30, 2000 No. 2000-OB-1368.
STATE v. CLOTER June 30, 2000 No. 2000-K-0119.
IN RE: Leonard William CROOKS. June 23, 2000 No. 00-B-1359.
IN RE: Leonard William CROOKS. June 23, 2000 No. 2000-B-1359.
IN RE: James L. ADAMS. June 16, 2000 No. 2000-B-1326.
IN RE: Patricia S. CARRERAS. June 16, 2000 No. 2000-B-1094.
IN RE: Meyer SABLUDOWSKY. June 16, 2000 No. 00-B-0891.
IN RE: Phyllis SOUTHALL. June 16, 2000 No. 00-B-1282.
IN RE: Orscini L. BEARD. June 16, 2000 No. 2000-B-0808.
STATE v. COWAN June 16, 2000 No. 99-KK-2888.
STATE v. ALLEN June 16, 2000 No. 99-KP-2898.

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