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Description Date Docket #
RICHARDS v. KENTUCKY BAR ASSOCIATION December 22, 2005 No. 2005-SC-0851-KB.
KENTUCKY BAR ASSOCIATION v. LYON KBA 42900 December 22, 2005 No. 2005-SC-736-KB.
GRIGSBY KBA 87274 v. KENTUCKY BAR ASSOCIATION December 22, 2005 No. 2005-SC-0463-KB.
KENTUCKY BAR ASSOCIATION v. CALLOWAY December 22, 2005 No. 2005-SC-0563-KB.
COMMONWEALTH v. KELLY December 22, 2005 No. 2004-SC-0385-DG.
COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY v. PRIDDY December 22, 2005 No. 2003-SC-000041-DG.
CAVALIER HOMES OF ALABAMA v. COLEMAN December 22, 2005 No. 2005-SC-000160-MR.
STEPHENSON v. WOODWARD December 22, 2005 Nos. 2005-SC-0603-TG, 2005-SC-0604-TG, 2005-SC-0645-TG.
JOHNSON v. COMMONWEALTH OF KENTUCKY December 22, 2005 No. 2004-SC-000516-MR.
HAMILTON III v. KENTUCKY BAR ASSOCIATION December 22, 2005 No. 2004-SC-000105-KB.
Charles K. BROWN, Administrator of the Estate of Jose Garcia;  Maria Puente Salanda, Individually;  Maria Puente Salanda, as Next Friend of Ruben Villicana Puente;  Maria Puente Salanda, as Next Friend of Maria Consuelo Villicana;  and Maria Puent December 22, 2005 No. 2004-SC-0065-DG, 2004-SC-0067-DG, 2004-SC-0070-DG, 2004-SC-0071-DG.
HARRISON v. VALENTINI December 22, 2005 No. 2004-SC-000015-DG.
HILLTOP BASIC RESOURCES, INC.;  Addison G. Stevens;  Myrna Stevens;  Rodney Woods;  Sandra Woods;  Donald Gene Hodges;  Niki Carol Hodges;  Rosalie Kippler;  William E. Kippler;  Wanda Kippler;  Carl Taber;  and Cynthia Taber, Appell December 22, 2005 No. 2003-SC-1052-DG, 2004-SC-0003-DG.
BAYLESS II v. BOYER December 22, 2005 No. 2003-SC-0250-DG.

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