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Supreme Court of Indiana Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of Supreme Court of Indiana decisions since . Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
DESANTIS v. STATE October 29, 2002 No. 30S01-0210-CR-532.
GROCE v. STATE October 29, 2002 No. 49S02-0203-CR-202.
GARNER v. STATE October 29, 2002 No. 31S01-0202-CR-132.
IN RE: Michael A. WILKINS. October 29, 2002 No. 49S00-0005-DI-341.
IN RE: Franklin A. WEBSTER. October 23, 2002 No. 02S00-0102-DI-94.
WRINKLES v. STATE October 15, 2002 No. 82S00-0207-SD-407.
IN RE: ANONYMOUS. October 8, 2002 No. 49S00-0103-DI-174.
IN RE: Roland W. GARIEPY. October 8, 2002 No. 02S00-9902-DI-145.
N.D.F., Appellant-Respondent, v. STATE October 7, 2002 No. 49S02-0103-JV-144.
STONGER v. SORRELL October 7, 2002 No. 52S02-0202-CV-130.

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