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Supreme Court of Indiana Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of Supreme Court of Indiana decisions since . Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
GRIFFIN v. STATE February 22, 2002 No. 49S02-0101-CR-43.
VADAS v. VADAS February 22, 2002 No. 45S04-0103-CV-145.
STATE FARM FIRE CASUALTY COMPANY v. BRUCE February 21, 2002 No. 53S01-0102-CV-00099.
TINCHER v. DAVIDSON February 19, 2002 No. 49S05-0011-CV-00719.
DAVIDSON v. STATE February 19, 2002 No. 22S01-0101-PC-42.
WILLIAMS v. STATE February 15, 2002 No. 49S05-0108-CR-378.
LANDER v. STATE February 15, 2002 No. 49S00-0005-CR-297.
BENSON v. STATE February 15, 2002 No. 49S00-9910-CR-631.
LASHBROOK v. STATE February 15, 2002 No. 79S00-0003-CR-222.
BEAM v. WAUSAU INSURANCE CO February 12, 2002 No. 20S03-0202-CV-111.
ADAMS v. STATE February 8, 2002 No. 49S04-0011-CR-627.
STATE INDIANA DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE v. ADAMS February 8, 2002 No. 49S10-0011-TA-628.
SWAYNIE v. STATE February 8, 2002 No. 79S02-0104-CR-194.
CONTROL TECHNIQUES INC v. JOHNSON February 5, 2002 No. 45S03-0202-CV-97.

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