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Supreme Court of Indiana Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of Supreme Court of Indiana decisions since . Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
FRANCIS v. STATE November 30, 2001 No. 49S00-9909-CR-473.
DEANE v. STATE November 27, 2001 No. 24S00-0009-CR-557.
IN RE: Robert M. BAKER November 26, 2001 No. 49S00-0008-DI-459.
GRAY v. STATE November 16, 2001 No. 49S00-0003-CR-212.
LUNA v. STATE November 16, 2001 No. 02S00-0012-CR-769.
WEST v. STATE November 16, 2001 No. 82S00-0008-CR-474.
CANNON v. CANNON November 16, 2001 No. 49S05-0101-CV-38.
VASQUEZ v. STATE November 16, 2001 No. 02S00-0011-CR-711.
BROWN v. BRANCH November 16, 2001 No. 07S04-0011-CV-716.
MOBERLY v. DAY November 15, 2001 No. 07S01-0010-CV-605.
BRIGHTMAN v. STATE November 15, 2001 No. 49S00-0010-CR-584.
FORREST v. STATE November 15, 2001 No. 49S00-0012-CR-748.
WARREN v. STATE November 8, 2001 No. 49S00-0008-CR-467.
IN RE: John CAPPER. November 2, 2001 No. 54S00-9810-DI-545.

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