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Supreme Court of Indiana Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of Supreme Court of Indiana decisions since . Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
J.M., Respondent-Appellant, v. STATE March 31, 2000 No. 49S02-9809-JV-489.
CHERRONE v. STATE March 31, 2000 No. 71S00-9904-CR-265.
BAGNALL v. TOWN OF BEVERLY SHORES March 30, 2000 No. 64S05-9909-CV-499.
MARCUM v. STATE March 29, 2000 No. 48S00-9803-CR-185.
ARNOLD v. CITY OF TERRE HAUTE March 29, 2000 No. 84S04-9910-CV-622.
RUFFIN v. STATE March 28, 2000 No. 49S00-9802-CR-258.
NOBLE v. STATE March 24, 2000 No. 82S00-9811-CR-748.
EVANS v. STATE March 24, 2000 No. 91S04-0003-CR-216.
McGREGOR v. STATE March 24, 2000 No. 49S00-9902-CR-115.
BASSIE v. STATE March 23, 2000 No. 79S00-9804-CR-236.
WALLACE v. STATE March 23, 2000 No. 45S00-9808-CR-426.
WARREN v. STATE March 23, 2000 No. 49S00-9905-CR-307.
JENKINS v. STATE March 21, 2000 No. 49S00-9903-CR-200.
TURNLEY v. STATE March 21, 2000 No. 49S00-9812-CR-757.
ELLIS v. STATE March 20, 2000 No. 45S00-9805-CR-279.
CUTTER v. STATE March 17, 2000 No. 49S00-9603-CR-204.
PRICE v. STATE March 16, 2000 No. 49S00-9802-CR-84.
BROWN v. STATE March 15, 2000 No. 49S00-9901-CR-46.
IN RE: ANONYMOUS. March 14, 2000 No. 49S00-9910-DI-607.
YOUNG v. STATE March 14, 2000 No. 49S00-9904-CR-242.
IN RE: Vaughn Arthur WAMSLEY. March 13, 2000 No. 29S00-9906-DI-336.
IN RE: Mary Jane HUMPHREY. March 10, 2000 No. 82S00-9811-DI-723.
IN RE: Ronald WARRUM. March 10, 2000 No. 82S00-9612-DI-790.
IN RE: Donna R. HAGEDORN March 10, 2000 No. 82S00-9601-DI-83.
WILLIAMS v. STATE March 7, 2000 No. 49S00-9901-CR-45.
SOWERS v. STATE March 3, 2000 No. 33S00-9807-DP-387.
EMERSON v. INDIANA March 1, 2000 No. 49S00-9808-CR-419.

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