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Description Date Docket #
BEECHING v. LEVEE February 28, 2002 No. 71A03-0103-CV-66.
VANWINKLE v. STATE February 28, 2002 No. 61A05-0107-CR-301.
FERGE v. STATE February 28, 2002 No. 49A02-0108-CR-530.
CHEATHAM v. POHLE February 28, 2002 No. 40A01-0010-CV-329.
RODZIEWICZ v. WAFFCO HEAVY DUTY TOWING February 27, 2002 No. 45A03-0106-CV-195.
BEAUDRY v. STATE February 27, 2002 No. 03A01-0105-CR-169.
LOOMIS III v. AMERITECH CORP February 27, 2002 No. 45A03-0012-CV-474.
J.S.H., Appellant-Defendant, v. STATE OF INDIANA February 27, 2002 No. 71A03-0110-CR-336
FIRST OF AMERICA BANK 29 1990 v. NORWEST BANK INDIANA February 27, 2002 No. 02A03-0106-CV-210.
COX v. TOWN OF ROME CITY February 26, 2002 No. 57A04-0109-CV-395.
GIBSON v. HERNANDEZ February 26, 2002 No. 71A03-0109-CV-301.
QUARLES v. STATE February 26, 2002 No. 49A05-0105-CR-229.
IN RE: the Marriage of Diana L. ELKINS February 25, 2002 No. 09A05-0103-CV-126.
BACA v. NEW PRIME INC February 25, 2002 No. 89A01-0108-CV-304.
HUDDLESTON v. STATE February 25, 2002 No. 02A03-0106-CR-176.
MILLER v. MILLER February 21, 2002 No. 34A05-0106-CV-282.
MILES v. STATE February 21, 2002 No. 82A01-0107-CR-267.
WARD v. WARD February 21, 2002 No. 49A02-0107-CV-464.
STATE v. GIBBS February 20, 2002 No. 21A01-0103-CR-216.
FRANCIS v. STATE February 20, 2002 No. 49A02-0108-CR-525.
IN RE: the Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of E.S. February 20, 2002 No. 52A05-0105-JV-197.
E.M.W., Appellant-Defendant, v. STATE February 19, 2002 No. 50A03-0107-JV-239.
JOHNSON v. GUPTA February 19, 2002 No. 64A03-0108-CV-259.
TURNER v. RICHMOND POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY February 19, 2002 No. 89A01-0002-CV-67.
ROYDES v. CAPPY February 18, 2002 No. 53A04-0105-CV-207.
GALLANT INSURANCE COMPANY v. OSWALT February 12, 2002 No. 43A04-0104-CV-148.
IN RE: the Matter of the Involuntary Termination of the Parent-Child Relationship of A.F. and M.F. February 12, 2002 No. 49A02-0106-JV-418.
PARKS v. CUNNINGHAM February 11, 2002 No. 77A01-0109-CV-328.
WISE v. STATE February 11, 2002 No. 02A03-0108-CR-277.
CRABTREE v. STATE February 8, 2002 No. 49A02-0102-CR-96.
GOBLE v. STATE February 8, 2002 No. 92A03-0103-CR-95.
CRAUN v. STATE February 6, 2002 No. 49A02-0012-CR-810.
WOODRUFF v. KLEIN February 6, 2002 No. 12A02-0109-CV-610.
SOUTH BEND CLINIC INC v. KISTNER February 6, 2002 No. 71A03-0107-CV-217.
JOHNSON v. STATE February 6, 2002 No. 47A04-0103-PC-112.
CRABTREE v. STATE February 6, 2002 No. 49A04-0107-CR-297.
ARMOUR v. STATE February 5, 2002 No. 49A02-0107-CR-485.
HOPPER v. COLONIAL MOTEL PROPERTIES INC February 4, 2002 No. 10A01-0109-CV-357.
COOPER v. STATE February 4, 2002 No. 79A05-0107-CR-292.
HATCHER v. STATE February 4, 2002 No. 49A02-0107-CR-496.
BURRUS v. STATE February 4, 2002 No. 49A02-0106-CR-406.
GEORGOS v. JACKSON February 4, 2002 No. 45A03-0106-CV-216.

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