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Description Date Docket #
RIOS v. STATE January 31, 2002 No. 49A02-0105-CR-265.
HARRIS v. STATE January 31, 2002 No. 43A04-0106-PC-261.
HATCHER v. STATE January 31, 2002 No. 65A01-0104-CR-155.
LEDESMA v. STATE January 30, 2002 No. 45A03-0107-CR-234.
CHILDS v. STATE January 30, 2002 No. 02A03-0107-CR-218.
CYR v. YODER INC January 29, 2002 No. 02A04-0109-CV-403.
J.W., Appellant-Defendant, v. STATE January 29, 2002 No. 85A04-0108-JV-365.
TANKERSLEY v. PARKVIEW HOSPITAL INC January 28, 2002 No. 02A03-0106-CV-184.
MORGEN v. FORD MOTOR COMPANY January 28, 2002 No. 71A03-0003-CV-108.
MILLEDGE v. THE OAKS January 23, 2002 No. 93A02-0104-EX-233.
STATE v. CARLSON January 18, 2002 No. 41A01-0105-CR-192.
INGRAM v. STATE January 18, 2002 No. 48A04-0105-CR-192.
CHAFIN v. GRAYSON January 18, 2002 No. 18A02-0102-CV-78.
BOVIE v. STATE January 17, 2002 No. 48A04-0105-CR-206.
IN RE: the ESTATE OF Lucile Rogers CARTER January 16, 2002 No. 12A02-0104-CV-210.
THOMPSON v. STATE January 16, 2002 No. 49A04-0103-CR-107.
GRECO v. KMA AUTO EXCHANGE INC January 16, 2002 No. 34A02-0012-CV-754.
LIKE v. STATE January 16, 2002 No. 63A01-0105-CR-179.
BUNCH v. STATE January 16, 2002 No. 79A02-0105-PC-338.
SIMMONS v. STATE January 15, 2002 No. 49A02-0103-CR-000136.
BRYANT v. STATE January 15, 2002 No. 49A02-0109-PC-585.
KOLBET v. KOLBET January 15, 2002 No. 71A03-0107-CV-219.
KOPPIN v. STRODE January 15, 2002 No. 49A02-0103-CV-148.
SCHUMAN v. KOBETS January 15, 2002 No. 49A05-0103-CV-91.
PREWITT v. STATE January 14, 2002 No. 10A05-0106-CR-256.
HOWARD v. STATE January 14, 2002 No. 79A05-0105-CR-221.
GREG ALLEN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY INC v. ESTELLE January 11, 2002 No. 54A01-0009-CV-300.
SALMON v. CITY OF BLOOMINGTON January 11, 2002 No. 53A01-0107-CV-256.
HARRIS v. INC WTI January 10, 2002 No. 45A03-0004-CV-144.
ROCCA v. ROCCA January 10, 2002 No. 82A05-0104-CV-163.
VAN WINKLE v. NASH January 10, 2002 No. 49A05-0103-CV-109.
PATTON v. STATE January 10, 2002 No. 49A02-0104-CR-219.
GLOVER v. STATE January 9, 2002 No. 49A02-0106-CR-384.
HARTIG v. STRATMAN January 9, 2002 No. 82A01-0105-CV-184.
GILES v. STATE January 9, 2002 No. 65A01-0105-CR-180.
BROWN v. STATE January 7, 2002 No. 82A05-0105-CR-178.

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