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Description Date Docket #
MORENO v. STATE December 31, 2001 No. 44A04-0108-CR-351.
COOPER v. STATE December 31, 2001 No. 48A02-0104-CR-229.
WOOD v. SCHUEN December 31, 2001 No. 18A04-0012-CV-524.
COHOON v. FINANCIAL PLANS STRATEGIES INC December 28, 2001 No. 41A04-0102-CV-77.
BLOCHER v. DeBARTOLO PROPERTIES MANAGEMENT INC December 28, 2001 No. 49A04-0102-CV-67.
HAYCRAFT v. STATE December 28, 2001 No. 31A01-0103-CR-101.
ALLEN v. MORAN December 28, 2001 No. 55A01-0105-CV-164.
Anthony W. VanPELT, Appellant-Defendant, v. STATE December 28, 2001 No. 86A04-0106-CR-280.
HONEYCUTT v. STATE December 28, 2001 No. 49A05-0105-CR-201.
JUSTINIANO v. WILLIAMS December 28, 2001 No. 93A02-0104-EX-257.
McINTOSH v. CUMMINS December 27, 2001 No. 49A04-0107-CV-290.
ALLSTATE INSURANCE COMPANY v. HAMMOND December 27, 2001 No. 49A02-0103-CV-164.
STATE v. GLASSCOCK December 27, 2001 No. 49A05-0103-CR-104.
LAKE CENTRAL SCHOOL CORP v. SCARTOZZI December 27, 2001 No. 45A04-0105-CV-227.
SPEAKER v. SPEAKER December 27, 2001 No. 53A04-0105-CV-188.
APPLE GLEN CROSSING v. TRADEMARK RETAIL INC December 26, 2001 No. 02A05-0103-CV-110.
BAILEY v. SPAIN December 26, 2001 No. 46A03-0102-CV-40.
SHELTER INSURANCE COMPANY v. WOOLEMS December 26, 2001 No. 53A01-0101-CV-28.
DeSANTIS v. STATE December 21, 2001 No. 30A01-0102-CR-65.
PCL CALUMET v. ENTERCITEMENT LLC LLP December 21, 2001 No. 32A01-0011-CV-376.
DIXON v. STATE December 20, 2001 No. 49A02-0008-PC-543.
LUHNOW v. HORN December 20, 2001 No. 25A05-0106-CV-241.
INGRAM v. STATE December 20, 2001 No. 49A02-0105-CR-286.
INGRAM v. CITY OF INDIANAPOLIS December 18, 2001 No. 49A02-0106-CV-370.
MILLER v. STATE December 17, 2001 No. 64A03-0102-CR-62.
JAMES v. PIKE COUNTY December 17, 2001 No. 63A01-0106-JV-237.
FIGHT v. STATE December 14, 2001 No. 19A01-0103-CR-89.
MEEKS v. STATE December 13, 2001 No. 39A05-0106-CR-262.
MARSHALL v. STATE December 13, 2001 No. 25A03-0105-CR-139.
TURNEY v. STATE December 13, 2001 No. 27A02-0010-CR-644.
W.R.S., Appellant-Defendant, v. STATE December 13, 2001 No. 49A02-0106-JV-360.
COMMISSIONER DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE v. FORT December 10, 2001 No. 49A02-0103-CV-159.
McCLAIN v. CHEM LUBE CORPORATION December 10, 2001 No. 43A05-0104-CV-149.
MORGAN III v. STATE December 5, 2001 No. 71A04-0104-CR-164.
KIRK v. KIRK December 5, 2001 No. 45A03-0103-CV-80.
BRADSHAW v. STATE December 5, 2001 No. 29A02-0106-CR-366.
JACKSON v. STATE December 4, 2001 No. 02A05-0105-CR-203.

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