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Description Date Docket #
III v. Smock. September 30, 2016 A16A0741
Jacobs v. The State. September 29, 2016 A16A1115
McCants v. The State September 28, 2016 A16A1177
Ali v. The State. September 28, 2016 A16A0864
Kelley v. The State September 28, 2016 A14A1682
Williams v. The Georgia Department of Corrections September 28, 2016 A16A0963
Sutton v. The State September 28, 2016 A16A1176
Suntrust Bank v. Lilliston et al. September 28, 2016 A16A1318
Kindred Nursing Centers Limited Partnership et al. v. Chrzanowski et al. September 28, 2016 A16A0803
Estate of Milton Theophilus Pond, II. September 27, 2016 A16A0899
Edokpolor et al v. Grady Memorial Hospital Corporation et al. September 27, 2016 A16A1031
Charles v. The State. September 26, 2016 A16A1088
Payne v. The State. September 22, 2016 A16A1049
McCarthy v. Ashment. September 22, 2016 A16A1013
Sheffield v. Sheffield. September 21, 2016 A16A1135
Underwood v. The State. September 21, 2016 A16A1158
Carter v. Cornwell et al. September 21, 2016 A16A0925
The State v. Spriggs. September 21, 2016 A16A0871
The State v. Garlepp. September 21, 2016 A16A1230
Wegman v. Wegman et al. September 21, 2016 A16A0771
Davison v. Citizens Bank & Trust Company. September 21, 2016 A16A1470
Smith v. The State. September 16, 2016 A16A0746
Argo v. LLC September 15, 2016 A16A0799
SAPP v. The State. September 15, 2016 A16A1425
Jackson v. Nowland et al. September 15, 2016 A16A0983
McMurtry v. The State. September 15, 2016 A16A1142
Esquibel v. The State. September 15, 2016 A16A1420
Cobb v. The State. September 15, 2016 A16A1108
Connor et al. v. RI 062 September 15, 2016 A16A1472
State v. Wallace September 15, 2016 A16A0891
Lend A Hand Charity, Inc. et al. v. The Ford Plantation Club, Inc. September 14, 2016 A16A0826
Morris v. The State. September 14, 2016 A16A1222
Rowell v. Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital, Inc., et al. September 14, 2016 A16A1304
Devlin v. Devlin. September 14, 2016 A16A0913
Newby v. The State. September 12, 2016 A16A1000
Frey v. The State. September 8, 2016 A16A0829
State Farm Fire & Casualty Company v. Moss et al. Corbin et al. September 7, 2016 A16A1037 A16A1038
R. C. Acres, Inc. v. LLC September 7, 2016 A16A0885
State v. Davis. September 7, 2016 A16A1156
Durden v. Anderson. September 1, 2016 A16A1089

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