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Description Date Docket #
Progressive Mountain Insurance Co. v. Bishop June 30, 2016 A16A0518
The State v. Wood June 30, 2016 A16A0023
HILL v. DAVIS June 30, 2016 A16A0692
Summers v. Wasdin et al. June 30, 2016 A16A0122 A16A0277
City Heights Condominium Association, Inc. v. Bombara, et al. June 30, 2016 A16A0464
Hantz v. The State June 30, 2016 A16A0249
Morales v. The State. June 29, 2016 A15A2386
Old Republic National Title Insurance Company v. RM LLC RM LLC June 29, 2016 A16A0257 A16A0258
Graham v. The State June 29, 2016 A16A0473
In the Interest of L. J., a child. June 29, 2016 A16A0424
Johnson v. The State. June 29, 2016 A16A0110
Demps v. The State June 29, 2016 A16A0452
Kemp v. Kemp et al. June 29, 2016 A16A0158
The State v. Bankston June 28, 2016 A16A0003
Community & Southern Bank et al. v. First Bank of Dalton et al. June 28, 2016 A16A0313
RTT v. JE 037 June 28, 2016 A15A0792
Smith et al. v. Norfolk Southern Railway Company June 28, 2016 A16A0711
Hicks v. The State. June 27, 2016 A16A0071
White et al. v. Dept. of Transp. of the State of Ga. et al. June 27, 2016 A16A0346
Wiggins v. The State June 24, 2016 A16A0162
Johnson et al. v. Thomas June 23, 2016 A16A0386
Eidson v. Croutch et al. June 23, 2016 A16A0198
Jones v. The State June 23, 2016 A16A0559
Grange Indemnity Insurance Company v. Burns June 23, 2016 A16A0057
City of Tybee Island v. Harrod. June 22, 2016 A16A0572
Shoenthal et al. v. Shoenthal et al. June 22, 2016 A16A0398
Floyd v. Gibson. June 21, 2016 A16A0171
Partain v. Pitts et al. June 21, 2016 A16A0453
Amey v. The State. June 21, 2016 A16A0242
Taylor v. The State. June 21, 2016 A16A0463
Stone Mountain Memorial Association v. Amestoy. June 21, 2016 A16A0056
Montgomery County, Georgia v. Hamilton June 21, 2016 A16A0541
LLC v. LLC June 9, 2016 A16A0404
Jones v. The State. June 9, 2016 A16A0523
Spencer v. The State. June 9, 2016 A16A0118
Parker v. Robinson. June 9, 2016 A16A0212
Legacy Academy, Inc. et al. v. Doles-Smith Enterprises, Inc. et al.; and vice versa. June 9, 2016 A16A0174 A16A0175
Barclay v. Stephenson et al. Johnson et al. June 9, 2016 A16A0318 A16A0319 A16A0320 A16A0321
The State v. Martin. June 9, 2016 A16A0512
LLC v. American Family Insurance Company. June 9, 2016 A16A0399
Williams v. The State. Williams June 9, 2016 A16A0497 A16A0498
Martinez v. The State. June 9, 2016 A16A0323
Campbell v. Ailion et al. June 8, 2016 A16A0239
The State v. Marshall. The State June 8, 2016 A16A0744 A16A0748
Wilhite v. The State. June 8, 2016 A16A0216
Humphrey v. JP June 8, 2016 A16A0289
The State v. Banks. June 8, 2016 A16A0602
Barnett v. LLC June 8, 2016 A16A0340
Hamler v. Wood. June 8, 2016 A16A0095
Coleman v. The State June 7, 2016 A16A0517
Daniel v. The State. June 7, 2016 A16A0587
Covault v. Harris June 7, 2016 A16A0139
Smith v. Georgia Farm Bureau Mutual Insurance Company. Chupp June 7, 2016 A14A1824 A14A1825
The State v. Bowman June 7, 2016 A16A0555
Franklin v. Eaves. June 3, 2016 A16A0616
State v. Dotson et al. June 3, 2016 A16A0266
Brock v. C & M Motors, Inc. June 3, 2016 A16A0481
ADEWUMI v. Amelia Grove/Ashland Park Homeowners Association, Inc. June 2, 2016 A16A0138
Schumacher et al. v. City of Roswell. June 1, 2016 A16A0582

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