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District of Columbia Court of Appeals. Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of District of Columbia Court of Appeals. decisions since . Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
IN RE: Ralph T. MABRY January 27, 2011 No. 10-BG-1374.
FOX v. UNITED STATES January 27, 2011 Nos. 08-CF-1376, 08-CF-1377, 08-CF-1499.
KINANE v. UNITED STATES January 20, 2011 Nos. 08-CM-681, 08-CM-814, 08-CM-815, 08-CM-816, 08-CM-817, 08-CM-818, 08-CM-819, 08-CM-820, 08-CM-821, 08-CM-822, 08-CM-823, 08-CM-824, 08-CM-825, 08-CM-826, 08-CM-827, 08-CM-828, 08-CM-829, 08-CM-830, 08-CM-831, 08-CM-832, 08-CM-833, 08-CM-834, 08-CM-835, 08-CM-836, 08-CM-837, 08-CM-838, 08-CM-839, 08-CM-840, 08-CM-841, 08-CM-881, 08-CM-882, 08-CM-883, 08-CM-884, 08-CM-885.
Herbert Evans, Appellant, v. United States, Appellee. January 20, 2011 No. 07-CF-1036
IN RE: Lucille Saundra White January 20, 2011 Nos. 09-BG-1012 & 10-BG-795
IN RE: Lorin Bleecker January 20, 2011 No. 10-BG-667
IN RE: Karl W. Carter January 20, 2011 No. 09-BG-927
Priscilla Farrow, Appellant, v. J. Crew Group Inc., Appellee. January 20, 2011 No. 08-CV-1564
IN RE: Terri Y. Lea January 20, 2011 No. 10-BG-108
Alan Grayson, Appellant, v. AT January 20, 2011 No. 07-CV-1264
IN RE: K.J. R.J. January 13, 2011 Nos. 09–FS–1351, 09–FS–1352.
IN RE:  BRUCE A. ENSTAD January 13, 2011 No. 10-BG-1307
IN RE:  CARMEN M. VOZZELLA January 13, 2011 No. 10-BG-1306
IN RE:  DANIEL M. KEIL January 13, 2011 No. 10-BG-1338
IN RE:  STEPHEN D. LANDFIELD January 13, 2011 No. 10-BG-1337
IN RE:  XAVIER J. VEGA January 13, 2011 No. 10-BG-1305
IN RE: Andrew J. KLINE January 13, 2011 No. 09-BG-1531.
IN RE: Idus J. DANIEL January 13, 2011 No. 09-BG-916.
IN RE: Willie N. HEWETT January 13, 2011 No. 07-BG-624.
BALTIMORE v. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA January 6, 2011 Nos. 09–CV–759, 09–CV–760, 09–CV–761.
Margaret Young, Appellant, v. U-Haul Company of D.C., Appellee. January 6, 2011 No. 09-CV-1526
Dave Magnus, Appellant, v. United States, Appellee. January 6, 2011 Nos. 09-CO-1312 & 10-CO-245
Elena Sturdza, Appellant, v. United Arab Emirates, et al., Appellees.  On Certified Question from the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ( January 6, 2011 No. 02-SP-353

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