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District of Columbia Court of Appeals. Cases

Welcome to FindLaw's searchable database of District of Columbia Court of Appeals. decisions since . Cases are browsable by date and searchable by docket number, case title, and full text.

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Description Date Docket #
DERZAVIS v. BEPKO December 29, 2000 No. 96-CV-1023.
McKNIGHT v. UNITED STATES December 28, 2000
IN RE: K. Kay SHEARIN December 28, 2000 No. 99-BG-5.
IN RE: Matilene S. BERRYMAN December 28, 2000 No. 99-BG-1499.
IN RE: Donald G. RICHARDS December 28, 2000 No. 99-BG-1073.
DORET v. UNITED STATES December 28, 2000 No. 97-CF-972.
IN RE: Michael V. KUHN December 28, 2000 No. 99-BG-769.
MORRISON v. POTTER December 28, 2000 No. 97-CV-1902.
IN RE: Matthew J. TRAVERS December 28, 2000 No. 97-BG-114.
IN RE: D.A.D. December 21, 2000 No. 99-FS-393.
IN RE: J.W. December 21, 2000 No. 00-FS-47.
KLOCK v. MILLER LONG COMPANY December 21, 2000 No. 99-CV-1135.
BROWN v. UNITED STATES December 21, 2000 No. 99-CM-241.
IN RE: Samuel E. DIXON December 14, 2000 Nos. 99-BG-56 & 00-BG-122.
WHITE v. UNITED STATES December 14, 2000 No. 96-CF-1167.
IN RE: David D. REYNOLDS December 14, 2000 No. 98-BG-1058.
SOUCI v. WILLIAM SMITH COMPANY December 7, 2000 No. 99-CV-1086.

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