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Description Date Docket #
Kaanaana v. Barrett Business Services, Inc. November 30, 2018 B276420
LLC v. County of Los Angeles November 30, 2018 B284092
People v. Neal November 30, 2018 A153101
Karas-Durante v. County of Santa Clara November 30, 2018 H041620
Edwards v. Heartland Payment Systems, Inc. November 30, 2018 B284000
People v. McClinton November 30, 2018 G055391
Travelers Property Casualty Co. v. Engel Insulation, Inc. November 30, 2018 C085753
Meleski v. Estate of Hotlen November 29, 2018 C080023
Zissler v. Saville November 29, 2018 B286043
People v. Bonilla November 29, 2018 C082144
LLC v. The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches, Inc. November 29, 2018 D072910
City of Oakland v. Oakland Police and Fire Retirement System November 29, 2018 A144653
People v. Phea November 28, 2018 C080488
People v. Superior Court (Ahn) November 27, 2018 E070545
San Francisco Baykeeper Inc. v. State Lands Commission (Hanson Marine Operations, Inc.) November 27, 2018 A151821
IN RE: Marriage of Vaughn November 27, 2018 B286871
People v. Vega-Morales November 27, 2018 H043837
People v. Fish November 27, 2018 B290108
Morgan v. Davidson November 27, 2018 E068344
John Russo Industrial Sheetmetal, Inc. v. City of Los Angeles Department of Airports November 26, 2018 A151729
People v. Cisneros-Ramirez November 26, 2018 G055409
Alliance of Concerned Citizens v. City of San Juan Bautista November 26, 2018 H044410
David L. v. Superior Court (Mariana C.) November 26, 2018 D073996
ABC v. ABC November 26, 2018 C085199
People v. Stutelberg November 21, 2018 D073266
S.Y. v. Superior Court (Omar M.) November 21, 2018 D073450
Rasooly v. City of Oakley November 21, 2018 A152709
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. v. Superior Court (Larco Productions, Inc.) November 20, 2018 B289109
Arista v. County of Riverside November 20, 2018 E068432
Roe v. Halbig November 20, 2018 H043248
Professional Tax Appeal v. Kennedy-Wilson Holdings, Inc. November 20, 2018 B282702
IN RE: Marriage of Davila and Mejia November 19, 2018 B279874
Hart v. Keenan Properties November 19, 2018 A152692
High Sierra Rural Alliance v. County of Plumas November 15, 2018 C082315
Hernandez v. Pacific Bell Telephone Co. November 15, 2018 C084350
Alcazar v. Los Angeles Unified School District November 15, 2018 B281383
People v. Caldwell November 15, 2018 A148828
Wilde v. City of Dunsmuir November 15, 2018 C082664
SI 59 LLC v. LLC November 15, 2018 B285086
Kohler Co. v. Superior Court (Park-Kim) November 14, 2018 B288935
Huerta v. Kava Holdings, Inc. November 14, 2018 B277164
Genisman v. Hopkins Carley November 14, 2018 H042543
C.A. v. C.P. November 13, 2018 C084473
Copenbarger v. Morris Cerullo World Evangelism, Inc. November 13, 2018 G054731
People v. Gabriel-Acosta November 13, 2018 B263849
Schmidt v. Citibank, N.A. November 7, 2018 D072993
Manavian v. Department of Justice November 7, 2018 C077843
1550 v. Appellate Division of Superior Court (Munshi) November 7, 2018 B288091
Citizens for Amending Proposition L v. City of Pomona November 7, 2018 B283740
Guerrero v. California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation November 6, 2018 A147507
People v. Vera November 5, 2018 E069367
People v. Baldivia November 5, 2018 H043736
Ramos v. LLP November 2, 2018 A153390
Quiles v. Parent November 2, 2018 G054353
IN RE: Bruno M. November 2, 2018 B287537
Olive v. General Nutrition Centers, Inc. November 2, 2018 B279490
Marteney v. Elementis Chemicals Inc. November 1, 2018 B283411
Caretto v. Superior Court (The People) November 1, 2018 B265256
People v. Franske November 1, 2018 C081591
People v. Kelly November 1, 2018 F071934
Ivory Education Institute v. Department of Fish and Wildlife November 1, 2018 B282558
AMN v. Aya Healthcare Services, Inc. November 1, 2018 D071924
People v. Garcia November 1, 2018 E068490

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