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Description Date Docket #
Palmieri v. California State Personnel Board October 31, 2018 C082508
Bear Creek Master Association v. Southern California Investors, Inc. October 31, 2018 E066588
Brown v. Ralphs Grocery Co. October 31, 2018 B278911
People v Grzymski October 30, 2018 A153015
People v. Henry October 29, 2018 H044626
Contractors' State Licensing Board v. Superior Court (Black Diamond Electric, Inc.) October 29, 2018 A154476
People v. Saelee October 26, 2018 C084235
People v. Lopez October 26, 2018 B282867
Raam Construction, Inc. v. Occupational Safety and Health Appeals Board October 25, 2018 A149734
People v. Acosta October 25, 2018 H045175
Bacilio v. City of Los Angeles October 25, 2018 B279217
Thee Sombrero, Inc. v. Scottsdale Insurance Co. October 25, 2018 E067505
Schwan v. Permann October 25, 2018 A151070
MCI v. California Department of Tax and Fee Administration October 24, 2018 D072402
Save Our Heritage Organization v. City of San Diego October 24, 2018 D073064
S.V. v. Superior Court (San Bernardino County Children and Family Services) October 24, 2018 E070931
People v. Randolph October 23, 2018 F075085
IN RE: Maria Q. October 23, 2018 D073296
Save Lafayette Trees v. City of Lafayette October 23, 2018 A154168
People v. Bedolla October 22, 2018 H044681
Garcia v. LLC October 22, 2018 D072521
People v. Henson October 19, 2018 F075101
Barri v. Workers' Compensation Appeals Board October 19, 2018 G054838
Sandoval v. Qualcomm Inc. October 19, 2018 D070431
A.G. v. County of Los Angeles October 18, 2018 B282023
IN RE: G.B. October 18, 2018 B284833
People v. Superior Court (Dominguez) October 17, 2018 D073943
Monterey Coastkeeper v. State Water Resources Control Board October 17, 2018 C080530
People v. Jones October 17, 2018 A149431
People v. Valdez October 17, 2018 B281975
Orange Catholic Foundation v. Arvizu October 17, 2018 G055189
Beach and Bluff Conservancy v. City of Solana Beach October 17, 2018 D072304
People ex rel. City of Commerce v. Argumedo October 17, 2018 B280814
Pagnini v. Union Bank, N.A. October 17, 2018 A151390
Lat v. Farmers New World Life Insurance Co. October 16, 2018 B282008
People v. Adams October 12, 2018 B257829
IN RE: A.S. October 12, 2018 D073561
People v. Megown October 12, 2018 D072019
People v. Yushchuk October 12, 2018 C081739
People v. Hudson October 12, 2018 F074016
R.B. v. D.R. October 11, 2018 E068760
Glovis America, Inc. v. County of Ventura October 10, 2018 B286538
People v. Gutierrez October 10, 2018 E068135
People v. Endsley October 10, 2018 E068576
IN RE: E.R. October 10, 2018 B288376
Doe v. Regents of the University of California October 9, 2018 B283229
Doe v. University of Southern California October 9, 2018 B281961
Ruiz v. LLC October 5, 2018 B280928
Certified Tire and Service Centers Wage and Hour Cases October 4, 2018 D072265
Martinez v. Eatlite One, Inc. October 3, 2018 G055096
Cheveldave v. Tri Palms Unified Owners Association October 3, 2018 E066461
Kerley v. Weber October 3, 2018 B282202
People v. Gutierrez October 2, 2018 A153419
Schulz v. Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. October 2, 2018 B277493
People v. Pipkin October 2, 2018 A148228
Paradise Irrigation District v. Commission on State Mandates October 1, 2018 C081929
People v. Delgado October 1, 2018 C082480
Westsiders Opposed to Overdevelopment v. City of Los Angeles (Philena Properties, L.P.) October 1, 2018 B285458
San Diego Unified Port District v. LP October 1, 2018 D072954

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