IN RE: the Adoption Petition of MARK and Stacy A.

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Court of Appeal, First District, Division 2, California.

IN RE: the Adoption Petition of MARK and Stacy A., Petitioners and Respondents, v. ELIZABETH L., Defendant and Appellant.

No. A070920.

Decided: September 13, 1996

John L. Dodd, Jane A. Gorman, Tustin, for Petitioners and Respondents. Konrad S. Lee, Riverside, for Defendant and Appellant. Rita L. Swenor, San Francisco, for Minor.

By written motion, counsel for the minor has brought to this court's attention possible violations by respondent adoptive parents of the provisions set forth in Family Code section 9200 et seq., which provide for the confidentiality of adoption proceedings, including the identities of the child and the child's birth parents, and that respondents have improperly exposed the child to the media, against her interests.   Respondents' opposition to the motion has been received and considered by the court.

IT IS ORDERED that all parties to this action comply fully with the provisions of Family Code section 9200 et seq., and refrain from disclosing to anyone other than the parties to the proceeding and their attorneys and the department of social services, except upon the written authority of the judge of the superior court, the confidential information contained in the records involved in this case or the name or the address of the minor or the birth parents or any information tending to identify said persons.   The parties shall not allow the minor to have any contact with the print or broadcast media and not provide the media videotape or photographic images of said minor.

Requests to modify or enforce this order shall be directed to the Superior Court of Contra Costa County.

KLINE, Presiding Justice.

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