Description Date Docket #
County of San Diego v. Super. Ct. (Casteen)
California Court of Appeal
Government Law, Injury & Tort Law
In a suit against a county for injuries suffered by plaintiff while rope swinging, the trial court's denial of the public entity's motion for summary...
11/20/2015 D068016
Pasternack v. Laboratory Corp.
United States Second Circuit
Injury & Tort Law, Administrative Law, Drugs & Biotech, Judges & Judiciary
In an action arising after defendant drug-testing companies allegedly mishandled plaintiff's random drug test required by federal regulations...
11/17/2015 14-4101
Brady v. Calsol, Inc.
California Court of Appeal
Injury & Tort Law, Product Liability
In a coordinate case involving plaintiffs who were diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia allegedly caused by exposure to a cleaning solvent...
10/30/2015 B262028
Dhawan v. Biring
California Court of Appeal
Contracts, Injury & Tort Law
In a suit following a failed business relationship, alleging contract and fraud-based causes of action, the trial court's order setting aside default...
10/28/2015 B257977
Uspenskaya v. Meline
California Court of Appeal
Evidence, Injury & Tort Law, Remedies
In a case that raises an issue in the evolving body of case law on the calculation of reasonable medical expenses in economic damage awards, the trial...
10/28/2015 C071647
Vebr v. Culp
California Court of Appeal
Injury & Tort Law
In a negligence action brought by an employee of a painting contractor against the owners of the home he was painting when he fell 15 feet from a...
10/28/2015 G050730
Bocanegra v. Jakubowski
California Court of Appeal
Criminal Law & Procedure, Injury & Tort Law
In a suit brought by a plaintiff who was wrongly arrested on a warrant for a man with a similar but by no means identical name, and while incarcerated...
10/27/2015 E060453
Nunez v. Pennisi
California Court of Appeal
Attorney's Fees, Civil Procedure, Injury & Tort Law
In a case alleging malicious prosecution, the trial court's denial of appellant's anti-SLAPP motion and the award of attorney fees to respondent is:...
10/27/2015 H039910
Grebow v. Mercury Insurance, Co.
California Court of Appeal
Contracts, Injury & Tort Law, Insurance Law, Property Law & Real Estate
In an action alleging breach of contract and tortious breach of insurance contract, in connection with significant damage to plaintiff's rear deck and...
10/21/2015 B261172
Jameson v. Desta
California Court of Appeal
Civil Rights, Injury & Tort Law, Professional Malpractice
In a suit alleging numerous claims stemming from defendant's allegedly negligent medical treatment of plaintiff's hepatitis while he was incarcerated...
10/20/2015 D066793

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