Description Date Docket #
In Re Pedro Lopez Munoz
United States First Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Civil Procedure
Affirming the bankruptcy court's decision denying a creditor's motion to appoint a trustee for the bankruptcy estate to replace the debtor in...
08/09/2017 16-9007
In Re AE Liquidation, Inc.
United States Third Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Labor & Employment Law
Affirming the judgments of the District and Bankruptcy court that an employer unaware of the likelihood of the closure of a business and the...
08/04/2017 16-2203
In Re Mainline Equipment, Inc.
United States Ninth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Civil Procedure, Asset Forfeiture
Affirming a Bankruptcy Appellate Panel affirmation of the bankruptcy court's summary judgment for the debtor in a proceeding to seek the avoidance of...
07/31/2017 15-60069
Crossroads Investors, L.P. v. Federal National Mortgage Association
California Court of Appeal
Bankruptcy Law, Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law
Reversing the trial court's denial of an anti-SLAPP motion filed by the defendant, Fannie Mae, in an action brought against them for wrongful...
07/26/2017 C072585
Vargas-Colon v. Fundacion Damas, Inc.
United States First Circuit
Injury & Tort Law, Civil Procedure, Bankruptcy Law
Affirming district court judgments for the defendants in a procedurally and factually complicated claim involving the bankruptcy of a hospital liable...
07/19/2017 16-1213P.01A
In Re SemCrude L.P.
United States Third Circuit
Bankruptcy Law, Oil and Gas Law
Affirming a summary judgment for downstream purchasers of oil in a Chapter 11 case where the downstream purchasers took measures to protect themselves...
07/19/2017 15-3094
Pinnacle Restaurant at Big Sky v. CH SP Acquisitions
United States Ninth Circuit
Landlord Tenant Law, Bankruptcy Law
Affirming the district court's judgment affirming the bankruptcy court's decision that a bankruptcy trustee's sale of a debtor's property was free and...
07/13/2017 15-35572
In Re World Imports
United States Third Circuit
Bankruptcy Law
Reversing and remanding a Bankruptcy Court decision stating that constructive possession occurred when goods were shipped, finding that the creditor's...
07/10/2017 16-1357
Partida v. US Dept. of Justice
United States Ninth Circuit
Criminal Law & Procedure, Bankruptcy Law
Affirming the Bankruptcy Appellate Panel's determination that the Bankruptcy Code's automatic stay provision does not prevent the government from...
07/07/2017 15-60045
Weil v. Elliott
United States Ninth Circuit
Bankruptcy Law
In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee's adversary proceeding seeking revocation under 11 U.S.C. section 727(d) of a debtor's discharge on the ground that...
06/14/2017 16-55359

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