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Description Date Docket #
EM LTD NML v. BANCO CENTRAL DE LA REPÚBLICA ARGENTINA August 31, 2015 Nos. 13–3819–cv (L), 13–3821–cv (CON).
WILLEY v. KIRKPATRICK August 28, 2015 Docket No. 13–699.
Cash & Henderson Drugs v. Johnson & Johnson August 27, 2015 12-4689
UNITED STATES v. ROBINSON August 26, 2015 Docket No. 14–809–cr.
UNITED STATES v. RIVERA August 25, 2015 Nos. 13–2722, 13–2723, 13–2864.
NEW YORK STATE PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION, INC., in a representational capacity on behalf of its members and their patients, Michael A. Kamins, on his own behalf and on behalf of his beneficiary son, and on behalf of all other similarly situated health ins.. August 20, 2015 No. 14–20–cv.
BROWN v. CITY OF NEW YORK August 19, 2015 Docket No. 14–2611.
Walter R. BEARDSLEE, individually and as Co–Trustee of the Drusilla W. Beardslee Family Trust, Andrea R. Menzies, as Co–Trustee of the Drusilla W. Beardslee Family Trust, John A. Beardslee, as Co–Trustee of the Drusilla W. Beardslee Family Trust, Ph August 19, 2015 No. 12–4897–CV.
UNITED STATES v. VELIZ August 19, 2015 Docket Nos. 13–914–cr, 13–953–cr.
UNITED STATES v. COHAN August 14, 2015 Docket No. 14–127–cr.
CHEN v. MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL PROPERTIES INC August 14, 2015 Docket No. 14–1315–cv.
HART v. FCI LENDER SERVICES INC August 12, 2015 No. 14–191–CV.
ESPINOZA JPMORGAN CHASE CO v. DIMON August 12, 2015 Docket No. 14–1754.
CRAWFORD v. CUOMO August 11, 2015 No. 14–969.
ROGOZ v. CITY OF HARTFORD August 10, 2015 Docket No. 14–0876.
Eduardo PURICELLI, Ruben Chorny, Hickory Securities Ltd., Rodolfo Vogelbaum, Elizabeth Andrea Azza, Claudia Florencia Valls, Silvia Seijas, Heather M. Munton, Thomas L. Pico Estrada, Emilio Romano, Ruben Weiszman, Anibal Campo, Maria Copati, Cesar Raul .. August 10, 2015 Nos. 14–2104–cv(L), 14–2105–cv(CON), 14–2106–cv(CON), 14–2107–cv(CON), 14–2108–cv(CON), 14–2109–cv(CON), 14–2111–cv(CON), 14–2112–cv(CON).
UNITED STATES v. COSME August 10, 2015 No. 14–1625–CR.
Rogoz v. City of Hartford August 10, 2015 14-876
Starkey v. G Adventures, Inc. August 7, 2015 14-13661
STARKEY v. ADVENTURES INC August 7, 2015 Docket No. 14–1361–cv.
CHEEKS v. FREEPORT PANCAKE HOUSE INC August 7, 2015 Docket No. 14–299–cv.
CATHOLIC HEALTH CARE SYSTEM v. BURWELL August 7, 2015 Docket No. 14–427–cv.
UNITED STATES v. CACACE August 5, 2015 Docket Nos. 14–903–cr, 14–1649–cr.
BERMAN LLP v. CITY OF NEW YORK August 5, 2015 Docket No. 13–598–cv.
SEWELL v. BERNARDIN August 4, 2015 No. 14–3143.
DAVIS v. VELEZ August 4, 2015 No. 14–1826.
In re NORTHERN NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE OPERATIONS LLC August 4, 2015 Docket No. 14–3381–bk.
Am. Trucking Ass?ns v. N.Y. State Thruway Auth. August 4, 2015 14-3348
MUNN III v. HOTCHKISS SCHOOL August 3, 2015 No. 14–2410–cv.
LITTLEJOHN v. CITY OF NEW YORK August 3, 2015 No. 14–1395–cv.
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