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Description Date Docket #
Charles E. Fogarty v. Ralph Palumbo et al. James Ottenbacher June 23, 2017 No. 2015-271-Appeal, No. 2015-291-Appeal KB 08-1073 No. 2015-273-Appeal, No. 2015-292-Appeal KB 08-1087
Matthieu W. Yangambi v. Providence School Board et al. June 23, 2017 No. 2014-281-Appeal, No. 2014-282-Appeal PC 04-6001
State v. Boghos Terzian. June 23, 2017 No. 2009-46-C.A. P2/07-4007AG
ROADEPOT LLC v. HOME DEPOT INC June 23, 2017 No. 2015–347–Appeal, No. 2015–348–Appeal, No. 2015–349–Appeal (KC 10–540)
STATE v. FUENTES June 21, 2017 No. 2014–342–C.A. (P1/10–203AG)
STATE v. HUSBAND June 21, 2017 No. 2015–160–C.A. (P1/13–725BG)
STATE v. ADAMS June 19, 2017 No. 2016–116–C.A. (P1/13–3713AG)
BEAGAN v. RHODE ISLAND DEPARTMENT OF LABOR AND TRAINING June 19, 2017 No. 2014–187–Appeal (A.A. 13–133)
CORREIA v. BETTENCOURT June 19, 2017 No. 2016–273–Appeal (PC 12–6123)
STATE v. PACHECO June 16, 2017 No. 2014–229–C.A. (P2/12–1403A)
HUDSON v. GEICO INSURANCE AGENCY INC GEICO June 16, 2017 No. 2016–15–Appeal (PC 12–6179)
STATE v. SABOURIN June 9, 2017 No. 2015–335–C.A. (P1/14–2044A)
STATE v. YON June 9, 2017 No. 2014–294–C.A. (P2/13–2441AG)
State v. Kevin Corleto. June 8, 2017 No. 2015-267-C.A. N2/13-68A
Darren Gomes v. State of Rhode Island. June 8, 2017 No. 2015-306-Appeal PM 13-4203
Tri-Town Construction Company, Inc. v. 12 LLC June 7, 2017 No. 2016-47-Appeal (KC 15-972)
STATE v. PEREZ June 6, 2017 No. 2014–358–C.A. (P1/13–56A)
HAMILTON v. BALLARD June 6, 2017 No. 2014–323–Appeal (NC 00–340)
MILLS v. REICHLE June 5, 2017 No. 2016–211–Appeal (KC 12–583)
STATE v. PITTMAN May 31, 2017 No. 2015–370–C.A. (P2/14–1420A)
QUILLEN v. MACERA May 30, 2017 No. 2016–76–Appeal. (PC 13–5808)
STATE v. FUNCHES May 26, 2017 No. 2015–32–C.A. (P2/13–1299ADV)
MILLER v. WELLS FARGO BANK May 25, 2017 No. 2016–71–Appeal (KC 11–60)
COOLEY v. KELLY May 24, 2017 No. 2014–337–Appeal. (PC 07–2627)
2004 R11 v. John A. McDonough, Jr. May 24, 2017 No. 2016-37-Appeal. PC 12-5180
Eric Chase v. Nationwide Mutual Fire Insurance Company. May 23, 2017 No. 2015-368-Appeal PC 14-5684
Yara Chum v. State of Rhode Island. May 23, 2017 No. 2015-43-Appeal PM 13-1919
STATE v. OGOFFA May 16, 2017 No. 2016–300–M.P. (P1/08–1159A)
State v. Francisco Diaz. May 16, 2017 No. 2015-354-C.A. (P1/14-2042AG).
Phil Bartlett et al. v. Dr. David Coppe. May 16, 2017 No. 2016-221-Appeal. (WC 13-639)
TOWN OF WARREN v. BRISTOL WARREN REGIONAL SCHOOL DISTRICT May 12, 2017 No. 2015–363–Appeal No. 2015–364–Appeal (PC 14–1628)
Town of Johnston v. 94 AFSCME 1491 May 10, 2017 No. 2016-92-Appeal. (PM 15-1845)
Marcia Sallum Glassie v. Paul Doucette, in his capacity as Executor of the Estate of Donelson C. Glassie, Jr. May 10, 2017 No. 2015-276-Appeal. (NC 12-184) No. 2015-277-Appeal. (NC 12-261)
Terry Andoscia v. Town of North Smithfield et al. May 10, 2017 2014-246-Appeal. (PC 10-2229)
1112 v. Fornel Entertainment, Inc., et al. May 5, 2017 No. 2016-150-Appeal. PC 11-1620
Jeanne Jackson, Executrix of the Estate of Anthony J. Esposito, Jr. et al. v. Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company et al. May 5, 2017 No. 2016-19-Appeal.
Peter F. Kilmartin, Attorney General of the State of Rhode Island v. Joan M. Barbuto, et al. May 3, 2017 No. 2015-195-Appeal. WC 12-579
State v. Anthony Parrillo. May 3, 2017 No. 2013-203-M.P. P1/82-500A
Peter F. Kilmartin, Attorney General of the State of Rhode Island v. Joan M. Barbuto, et al. May 2, 2017 No. 2015-195-Appeal WC 12-579
STATE v. MCDONALD April 20, 2017 No. 2015–158–C.A. (K2/11–798A)
GLASSIE v. DOUCETTE April 20, 2017 No. 2014-108-Appeal (NC 12-262)
ROACH v. STATE April 18, 2017 No. 2014-204-Appeal (PC 09-4465)
STATE v. THIBEDAU April 18, 2017 No. 2015–163–C.A. (K1/13–51A)
LEMONT v. ESTATE OF VENTURA April 4, 2017 No. 2013-317-Appeal (PC 06-4776)
LIMOGES v. NALCO COMPANY April 4, 2017 No. 2016-36-Appeal (KC 10-827)
STATE v. ANGELES April 3, 2017 No. 2015–42–M.P. (P2/12–617A)
NJIE v. STATE April 3, 2017 No. 2015–52–Appeal (PM 14–262)
BAINUM v. COVENTRY POLICE DEPARTMENT March 27, 2017 No. 2016–41–Appeal (KC 13–878)
STATE v. GIARD March 24, 2017 No. 2014–278–C.A. (P2/09–1102A)
STATE v. NICHOLS March 24, 2017 No. 2015–238–C.A. P1/13–2586AG
FABER v. MCVAY March 8, 2017 No. 2015–337–Appeal. (PC 09–4512)
MANCINI v. CITY OF PROVIDENCE March 8, 2017 No. 2014-88 (13-92 S)
CACH LLC v. POTTER March 3, 2017 No. 2016–90–Appeal. (KC 13–780)
Carmen Rohena as Parent and Natural Guardian of Josue Espinal v. City of Providence et al. March 2, 2017 No. 2016-128-Appeal (PC 06-5374)
Ajax Construction Company, Inc. v. Liberty Mutual Insurance Company et al. February 28, 2017 No. 2014-55-M.P., No. 2014-56-M.P., No. 2014-58-M.P. (04-7659)
State v. Oscar Muralles. February 28, 2017 No. 2015-129-C.A. (P1/10-998A)
State v. Anthony Moore. February 27, 2017 No. 2015-57-C.A. (P1/14-891BG)
Amber Preston v. The Zoning Board of Review of the Town of Hopkinton et al. February 27, 2017 No. 2014–127–M.P. (WC 12–151)
OSJ LLC v. Aly T. Diene. February 24, 2017 No. 2016–14–Appeal (PC 14–436)
Eunique Williams v. Chicara Alston et al. February 22, 2017 No. 2016–155–Appeal (PC 13–5676)
Louis Paolino, et al. v. Joseph Ferreira, et al. February 16, 2017 No. 2014–334–Appeal. No. 2014–335–Appeal. (PC 06–5973)
IN RE: Kyeshon J. et al. February 14, 2017 No. 2015–230–Appeal. (P13–A1229–1), No. 2016–161–Appeal. (P13–1229–2)
IN RE: Emilee K. In re Jennifer K. February 6, 2017 No. 2014–139–Appeal. (09–421–2), No. 2014–140–Appeal. (09–421–3)
Anne duPont Corbin v. III January 31, 2017 No. 2013–236–Appeal. (N07–8)
IN RE: Malachii O. January 31, 2017 No. 2015–179–Appeal (12–296–1)
Deborah Bates–Bridgmon et al. v. Heong's Market, Inc. d/b/a Roch's Market et al. January 24, 2017 No. 2015–214–Appeal (KC 12–23)
LLC v. Caroline Flynn et al. Caroline Flynn et al. January 23, 2017 No. 2015–211–Appeal (WM 15–148) No. 2015–210–Appeal (WC 13–629)
High Steel Structures, Inc. v. Cardi Corporation et al. January 20, 2017 No. 2015–18–Appeal (PC 09–5310)
Sergio A. DeCurtis v. Visconti, Boren & Campbell, Ltd. et al. January 20, 2017 No. 2015-30-M.P. (PC 12-4078)
IN RE: Kurt H. January 18, 2017 No. 2015–286–Appeal. (14–1152–1)
Bellevue–Ochre Point Neighborhood Association v. Preservation Society of Newport County. January 9, 2017 No. 2015–241–Appeal (NC 14–98)
IN RE: Livia B.L. January 6, 2017 No. 2015-217-Appeal (06-663-1)
A. Salvati Masonry Inc. v. Michael Andreozzi et al. January 6, 2017 No. 2016–39–Appeal (KM 13–1278) No. 2016–131–Appeal (KC 14–773)
Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. v. James S. Dias et al. January 6, 2017 No. 2015-307-Appeal (PC 13-4560)
Jean O. Duvere v. State of Rhode Island. January 6, 2017 No. 2015-225-Appeal (KM 13-646)
State v. Michael Ciresi. January 6, 2017 No. 2014–324–C.A. (P1/07–1896AG) (P1/06–776A)
Dante Giammarco v. Diane Giammarco. Diane Giammarco January 6, 2017 No. 2015-288-Appeal P 05-914 No. 2015-289-Appeal P 14-298M
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